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DFTZ Seizes on Summer Davos and Actively Conducts Economic & Trade Activities
The 2015 Annual Meeting of Dalian Summer Davos was held in our city from September 9th to 11th, in order to take advantage of this rare opportunity for investment promotion and conduct effective economic & trade activities, under the leadership of Party Work Committee and Administrative Committee, DFTZ started early preparation and careful arrangement from March this year. In these 3 days, our district organized and participated in a series of key economic and trade activities and achieved fruitful results. 

I. Signing ceremony of key projects in Dalian
On September 9th, Dalian key projects signing ceremony was held in Bangchuidao hotel, Provincial Party Secretary Li Xi, Provincial Governor Chen Qiufa, Municipal Party Secretary Tang Jun, Mayor of Dalian Xiao Shengfeng, and relevant leaders from provincial & municipal departments and Districts & Counties attended the ceremony. The projects for this ceremony had gone through rounds of selection and examined & approved by Mayor Xiao Shengfeng. After 5 months of negotiations and lots of preparation work, two projects of our district were successfully signed at the ceremony---the cross-border e-commerce headquarters project invested by Italy Weilong Company and capital increase of Maflow Auto Parts project invested by Poland Boryszew Group. The two projects belong to modern service industry and auto parts manufacturing industry respectively, this shows that our district is actively guiding the upgrading of strategic emerging industries like cross-border e-commerce, at the same time continue to promote the development of traditional pillar industries such as auto and logistics.  

II. Secretary Mao Yanliang met with important foreign politicians and executives of global enterprises. 
During the annual meeting of Davos, important politicians and well-know business executives from all over the world gathered in Dalian. Our district took full advantage of the platform, on the one hand, we actively sought more ticket quota of this meeting, and invite businesses that have cooperation ties with us to participate in this event and visit DFTZ; on the other, we carefully studied the list of participating enterprises and organized a number of leadership meetings. During the event, Secretary Mao Yanliang met with Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili, President of Japan’s Kanematsu Corporation Masayuki Shimojima, Chairman of South Korea Backbone Enterprise Federation Kang HoGap, and other important politicians and world business executives on September 9th and 10th. The foreign economic and trade exchanges of our district were further strengthened through in-depth communications. The world reputation of DFTZ was furthered raised. After the meeting with Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili, the Imported Food Trading Center of DFTZ signed a memorandum of cooperation with Georgia wine company, paving for the way for future cooperation on importing Georgia wines. 

III. Exchange activities inside and outside meeting hall
During the event, Vice Director Chen Yushi joined the annual forum hall and participated in a series of theme meetings and discussions, he also led the investment promotion departments of our district in conducting economic and trade talks with other guests inside and outside the venue. 

IV. Industrial trips
During the Summer Davos of this year, our district organized industrial trips for foreign enterprises. During the event, about 30 entrepreneurs came to our district and visited some of our areas, they learned about the hot points and highlights of DFTZ’s economy. These foreign entrepreneurs had a deeper understanding of DFTZ after on-site investigation and communications, the industrial trips play an important role in publicizing DFTZ and accumulating prospective projects.