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Dalian Port Ore Terminal Co., Ltd. 

Dalian Port Ore Terminal (DPOT) was started construction in July 2002 and formally received the first iron ore on June 7, 2004. 
I. About DPOT
    Located to the southeastern tip of Dagushan Peninsula, DPOT consists of a 300,000~350,000 DWT specialized ore terminal and a 150,000 DWT ore transshipment terminal. The terminal enjoys favorable conditions: the natural navigable waterway and anchorage are -28m to -31m deep; the tactical diameter of ship turning basin is 902 m and the depth of water is -23.6m. 
   The specialized ore terminal is of jetty pier type, whose bridge approach is 465m long and whose berth is 450m long; the water depth of wharf apron is -24.5m and the depth of ship turning basin is -23.6m, capable of berthing 50,000~400,000 DWT ore ships. As for the ore transshipment terminal, its bridge approach is 220m long and its berth is 437m long, and its water depth of wharf apron is -18.6m, capable of satisfying the tank cleaning operation of 200,000-250,000 DWT ships as well as berthing 5,000-20,000 DWT ships for ore transshipment. 3# berth was built in 2011, which is -18.6m deep and 290m long. 

                 Effect Drawing of DPOT        
II. Geographic Advantages
  Located to the southeastern tip of Dagushan Peninsula, DPOT stands at the center of Northeast Asia and the entrance of Bohai Bay. DPOT enjoys unique geographic advantages, as it not only meets the unloading demand of import ores for steelworks in Northeast China, but also provides ore transshipment services for steelworks in Jinzhou and Bohai Rim.  
III. Terminal Facilities 
    DPOT is equipped with four bridge-type grab ship unloaders with the grab capacity of 64T, each of which has the rated unloading efficiency of 2750 ton/hour. The Phase II ore transshipment terminal is equipped with two bridge-type grab ship unloaders with the rated capacity of 1800 ton/hour and one track-traveling ship loader with the rated capacity of 4500 ton/hour. The stock yard is equipped with 10 bucket-wheel stacker-reclaimers, with the stacking and reclaiming efficiency being 5000 ton/hour and 4500 ton/hour respectively. Three railway lines are available, each of which is 850m long. There are two ore loading systems, and the loading capacity per railway line reaches 4500 ton/hour. It takes 48 seconds only to load a train wagon, and no more than 1 hour is taken to load a train (60 wagons). All kinds of facilities here are subject to automated control, with first-class functions and state-of-the-art technology. 
IV. Stock Yard 
    DPOT has 4 stock yards with the effective stockpiling area of 540,000m2 and the stockpiling capacity of 8,220,000T ores. DPOT now has a bonded yard of 20,000m2, which can carry out international distribution of import cargos and provide transshipment trade services. The bonded functions include bulk ore arrival, customs declaration by batches, lot-size tax payment and on-demand shipping. Transshipment function is available between the stock yards, which can provide ore distribution service and can satisfy the individualized demands of customers to the maximum. A reserved stock yard of 1,000,000m2 is kept with the stockpiling capacity of 10 million tons.  

                 Ore Ship Unloading                           Bucket-wheel Stacker-Reclaimer 

V. Operating Efficiency and Quality 
    The maximum operating efficiency of DPOT is to unload 161,000T cargos within 24h, and the average maximum unloading efficiency of all vessels is 6549.5 ton/hour. The loading efficiency is restricted by the vessel conditions, and Panamax vessels can finish loading and departure within 24h. 
The loss rate of transshipment cargo here reaches the lowest level of the industry. 
VI. Environmental Protection 
    DPOT adopts the “underdeck drainage method” during terminal operations, and sets up dust-proof nets, sprays dust suppressant, and buys dust-removing cars to solve the environmental problems effectively. It also adopts the seawater desalination technology, which can meet the demand for domestic water and all other water for production, fire control, environmental sanitation, landscaping, etc. Besides, the seawater-source heat pump system (geothermal air conditioning) is applied to meet the cooling/heating needs of DPOT and reach the purpose of energy conservation, consumption reduction and landscaping.  
VII. Service Philosophy and Tenet 
    DPOT adheres to the core philosophy of “everything following the procedures, everybody focusing on details, and everyday pursuing for excellence”. Based on its service tenet of “safety, environmental protection, high efficiency and added value” and its objective of “being a specialized deepwater terminal with first-class facilities, first-class management and service, first-class environment and first-class team”, DPOT is endeavoring to be a bulk ore distribution center in Northeast Asia.  

Dalian Port Oil Terminal Company

    Subordinate to Dalian Port Company Limited and located to the southeastern tip of Dagushan Peninsula, Dalian Port Oil Terminal Company is a core port for oil business portfolio of Dalian Port and it is specializing in warehousing and transportation of oil and liquid chemicals.   
    Dalian Port Oil Terminal Company currently owns 19 berths of 3000-300000 DWT, with the annual throughput capacity of 72,850,000T, of which the 450,000T Crude Oil Terminal is the largest crude oil terminal in China; it owns 39 crude oil storage tanks with the storage capacity of 4,100,000 m3 and 39 refined oil storage tanks with the storage capacity of 368,000 m3; and two oil railway yards, where the designed throughput capacity of oil railway yard is 9,500,000 ton/year, and that of liquid chemicals railway yard is 1,200,000 ton/year. Here is a modernized comprehensive port of collection and distribution system integrating waterway, pipeline, railway and highway. 

Panoramic View of Dalian Port Oil Terminal Company

    The oil business portfolio of Dalian Port also include Dalian Port Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and Dalian Changxingdao Port Investment Co., Ltd. Therein, Dalian Port Petrochemical Co., Ltd. owns four berths of 3000-100000 DWT, with the annual throughput capacity of 12,000,000T; 14 refined oil storage tanks with the storage capacity of 240,000 m3; and one oil railway yard, with the designed throughput capacity of 4,600,000 ton/year. Dalian Changxingdao Port Investment Co., Ltd. is currently constructing a 300,000T imported crude oil terminal and the 1,200,000 m3 tank farm in Phase I Crude Oil Depot Project. 
    Relying on being China’s largest 450,000T Crude Oil Terminal, based on the terminal clusters of crude oil, refined oil and liquid chemicals, and supported by the production facilities like tank farm, pipeline and railway, Dalian Port Oil Terminal Company can provide customers with such services as unloading, warehousing, pipeline transport, marine transshipment, stevedoring barge, railway handling, truck handling and bonded transit for oil and liquid chemicals, with much advanced and compete functions available.  


       Railway Handling Yard                              300,000T Crude Oil Terminal

    Over the years, Dalian Port Oil Terminal Company has won the reliance and praise from customers and has set up a famous service brand in port oil handling industry by dint of its professional and sophisticated equipment and facilities as well as its safety, superior and efficient handling services. In future, we’ll adhere to the corporate spirit “unremitting efforts, considerate services and infinite development”, insist on the corporate values of “growing with the Company, developing with the customers and advancing with the society”, and sincerely provide further safe, superior and efficient storage and transportation services related to oil and liquid chemicals for customers.  

    Throughput capacity of Dalian Port Oil Terminal Company in recent three years
        1. 40.53 million tons in 2009; 
        2. 43.532 million tons in 2010; 
        3. 40.884 million tons in 2011

China Grain & Logistics Beiliang Co., Ltd. 

1. Company Profile 
    Incorporated in July 1993 with the registered capital of 420 million Yuan, China Grain & Logistics Beiliang Co., Ltd. is a large-scale grain logistics enterprise share-held by China Grain & Logistics. Beiliang Co. is mainly engaged in grain storage, transportation, transshipment, processing, trade, futures and bonded service, container and groceries port logistics, etc. The Company currently owns over 700 employees and has the total assets up to 5.6 billion Yuan. 

Panoramic View of Beiliang Port 

    Over the development for 18 years, Beiliang Co. has become a comprehensive business group integrating grain port handling, storage, transport, grain trade, grain processing, hotel, real estate development etc. In 2010, Beiliang Co. achieved the grain trade volume of 3 million tons, the port throughput of 12.23 million tons, and the operating income of over 10.5 billion Yuan. 
Beiliang Co. is implementing new development strategies pursuant to the win-win cooperation development philosophy. Beiliang Co. takes great initiative to cooperate with domestic and foreign enterprises in various forms, actively supports China’s macro regulation on grains and guarantees the national grain security, creates more values for the company and the society, and endeavors to build Beiliang Co. into an internationally competitive integrated grain logistics and trade group engaged in cross-regional operation in five to ten years. 

2. Current Status, Functions and Development Planning of Key Projects of Beiliang Co. 
Beiliang Co. is currently planning for constructing Dalian International Grain and Oil Logistics Park in the east port area. The International Grain and Oil Logistics Park, with the planning area of 2,200,000 m2 and with the total investment of 5.6 billion Yuan, attaches great importance to developing grain logistics as well as grain and oil processing projects like rice, corn, flour, feedstuff and food, and attempts to build up a national rough rice transshipment base and the international grain and oil food logistics center and trading center. It is estimated that, once the project is completed, the port storage capacity of 1 million tons, the industrial output value of 30 billion Yuan, and the port throughput of over 8 million tons will be newly added, which will further improve the competitive power of Beiliang Port.  

3. Current Status, Economic Indicators, Development Achievements, Development Planning and Prospect of Beiliang Port Area 
    Beiliang Port Grain Terminal is located to the western tip of Dagushan Peninsula and to the south of Dongbei Street, and borders on Dayao Bay Container Port. It is an important integral part of Dalian Northeast Asia International Shipping Center. 6 productive berths are now available with the designed throughput capacity of 12 million tons, including four bulk grain berths of 50,000 – 80,000 tons, one specialized vegetable oil berth of 30,000 tons, and one multi-purpose container berth of 50,000 tons. Its grain silos have the capacity of 1.70 million tons, including the state-owned grain reserves for 600,000 tons. There are 2400 L18 bulk-grain railway wagons. A grain & oil inspection center and a grain & oil logistics information center are also available.  


Railway Parking Lot of Beiliang Port                        Ship Unloader Operations 

    Beiliang Port Grain Terminal is a large-scale modernized grain transshipment and logistics facility built by the State by using the World Bank loan. Its equipment and operating efficiency have reached the world’s advanced level, while its grain storage facilities have reached the world’s largest scale. At present, Beiliang Port has achieved the bulk grain loading efficiency of 6000 ton/hour and the unloading efficiency of 2000 ton/hour, and the port railway containerization capacity of 8 million tons. Beiliang Port has become an important hub for “transporting grains from Northeast China to South China” and a foreign grain trade port.  
    Based on the port, Beiliang Co. develops vigorously port industry. So far, the grain processing enterprises like Nisshin OilliO and Jiusan Huiliang as well as the oil logistics enterprises like SINOPEC Pipeline Storage & Transportation, Yuchai Lubricating Oil have been settled here, making Beiliang Port one of the largest grain and oil food processing bases in North China.  
In accordance with the development planning of Beiliang Port Area, another six grain and multi-purpose productive berths of 50,000 tons will be constructed during the “12th five-year plan” period, including the large-scale rough rice transshipment facilities, which will make the port throughput capacity reach over 25 million tons. The development goal of Beiliang Port is to be an international grain & oil logistics, processing and trade center in Northeast Asia.