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Secretary Mao Yanliang Meets with Investment Party of Australian Project

    March 8, Steven Leighton, CEO of Australia GDO Company, the investment party of Countermast Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd., an enterprise in our district, came to our district for field survey, Secretary Mao Yanliang met with the delegation, accompanied by Deputy Director Chen Yushi and Director of Economic and Trade Cooperation Bureau Luan Haitao.

    This is Leighton’s return visit to our District’s visit to Australia for the promotion of projects, it aims to conduct a field investigation of the investment environment of our district and research relevant matters concerning the investment increment and production expansion of the Countermast Project. Leighton said Countermast had been developing quite well with the support of the Administrative Committee of DFTZ and now was upgrading its product line and exploring new markets; with its highly-efficient trade and logistics environment and convenient business services for enterprises, DFTZ had created a room for the further development of Countermast and the investment party would gradually enlarge the investment in this project. Mao Yanliang gave credit for the development of Countermast in recent years and said DFTZ would give full support to Countermast for its further development, and the investment party, which would be the GDO Company, was welcome to increase investment in the Countermast Project.

    Countermast Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech company engaged in the smart door-opening equipment for garage doors, founded in 2007, with all its production exported and occupying 80% of the Australian market. Since its foundation, the company has developed quite well, its annual output has exceeded 100 million Yuan and its accumulative tax is approaching 12 million Yuan. The investment party, GDO Company, used to be a subsidiary of an old Australian listed Company ALESCO, and due to its excellent performance it was acquired by Dulux Group, a famous British home decoration brand, at the end of year 2012, and now is a wholly-owned entity of Dulux.