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Sunlon Supply Chain Program Anchored in DFTZ

Sunlon Supply Chain Program Anchored in DFTZ——

Giving Full Play to Functional Advantages to Build an Export-oriented Totally-enclosed Green Food Supply Chain


May 19, the supply chain program of Beijing Capital Agribusiness Group was officially anchored in Dalian Free Trade Zone(DFTZ). Making full use of the preferential policies of DFTZ, the program is aimed to compose an export-oriented totally-enclosed green food supply chain, accelerate the process of modernization of trade flows of agricultural products in northeast China and eastern area of inner Mongolia, and build influential integrated cold-chain logistics base and international trade platform in the Northeast. Driven by this program, as the largest port cold-chain logistics base in China, the status of the Dalian Free Trade Zone is strengthened, its influence and radiation effect are enhanced, the pace of building the “core functional area” of shipping center, logistics center and trade center of Northeast Asia is quickened, and it is of great importance to involving DFTZ in the national strategy of “one belt and one road” and the strategy of integrated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. Secretary of the Party Working Committee/Director of the Administrative Committee Mao Yanliang, Chairman of the board of Beijing Capital Agribusiness Group Zhang Fuping and district leader Zhang Ping attended the ceremony.

In order to promote the program, Beijing Capital Agricultural Food Business Center, Dalian Tianxiang International Trade Co., Ltd. and Dalian Ruihua Yongxin Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. jointly established Sunlon Supply Chain (Dalian) Co., Ltd. with registered capital of 100 million RMB Yuan. The project is located to the north of Dalian Automobile Dock with a floor space of about 33,000 square meters. After the project is put into operation, it can provide a whole-chain food service from the upstream to the point of sale; relying on the policy advantages of the Free Trade Zone, based on the imports of fruit, supplemented by the imports of meat and aquatic products, the company will provide one-stop whole-chain services including supply chain service, warehousing and customs clearance from the imports of fruit, meat and aquatic products to processing, packaging and distribution at the terminal, and at the same time cold-chain food trade and related financial services will also be involved. According to reports, this program is aimed to enhance market competitiveness through supply chain management and value-added services like imports, exports, processing, packaging, distribution and delivery to bring along financial services and network platforms in relevant areas and take over the field of civilian necessities across the country. In addition, Sunlon Supply Chain (Dalian) Co., Ltd. will also implement the acquisition of overseas upstream business and achieve online-offline synchronous operation. As is reported, as one of the investors, Beijing Capital Agricultural Food Business Center is affiliated with the largest state-owned agricultural company of Beijing, Beijing Capital Agribusiness Group Co., Ltd., and has a complete vegetable industrial chain from the field to the table where the inputs is strictly controlled, the source is kept safe, field pre-cooling is implemented, and cold-chain refrigerated transportation and cold-chain distribution at consumer place are conducted.

The logistics industry has always been the pillar industry of the Free Trade Zone including more than 400 registered logistics companies in the whole district with annual revenue of over 18 billion RMB Yuan and tax of 1 billion RMB Yuan. A great progress has been achieved in recent years in the field of cold-chain logistics, the refrigerated storage capacity of the district has arrived at over 400 000 tons and its annual operational cargo refrigerating capacity has reached over 1.2 million tons. A relevant official with DFTZ said, “The Sunlon supply chain program is another major international logistics and modern logistics project initiated this year in Dalian Free Trade Zone; relying on the complete industrial chain and rich management experience of Sunlon Group, the policy advantages, functional advantages and geological advantages of DFTZ will be fully exerted; for the next step, DFTZ will continue to develop its cold-chain logistics industry based on this project and will make Dayaowan an internationally influential cold-chain logistics port driven by big projects.