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First Certificate of Origin for International Transited Aquatic Products of China Issued in Dalian

Jun. 13, containers loaded with 98 tons of frozen pink salmon were shipped to Thailand at Dalian Port and it was the first try that China’s Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued a certificate of origin and sanitary (health) certificate for international transited aquatic products, which not only expands the space for development of transit trade of aquatic products in the Northeast but also preludes the establishment of international aquatic products center in Dalian.

The country of origin of the shipment is the United States and after a temporary storage at Dayaowan Free Trade Port it is transited to Thailand. Before the entry of international transited aquatic products, according to the laws of the People’s Republic of China, the certificates the country of origin provides to China have already been submitted to China’s Administration of Inspection and Quarantine upon entry declaration; when the cargos are transited to other countries, the country of origin doesn’t provide relevant certificates, which makes it impossible for the transited aquatic products to enter the countries that need official certificates for entry.

Before, the business of international transiting of aquatic products at Dayaowan Port is only limited to several countries that don’t require certificates on entry, which has hindered the development of the transit trade of aquatic products, and only 50 000 tons of aquatic products are transited at Dayaowan every year. Since South Korea can provide relevant certificates for transited aquatic products, Busan Port transits more than 800,000 tons of aquatic products every year.

After Dalian Port successfully issued the certificate, more and more foreign aquatic products suppliers will choose Dayaowan Free Trade Port for storage and transiting, which will lead to a quick increase in the quantity of aquatic products and has a profound influence on the development of cold-chain logistics industry in the Northeast and the revitalizing of Northeast economy.

In recent years, Dayaowan Free Trade Port of Dalian Port has become the biggest cold-chain logistics base in our country and the second biggest import port for frozen and fresh cargoes and it is the only regional professional cold-chain logistics center that integrates free trade port, berths for refrigerator ships, container dock and cold storage. By the end of this year, it will achieve a 400,000-ton capacity for storage, and by the end of 2020 it will build a 1-million-ton cold storage cluster and cold-chain logistics industrial cluster.

The cost for cold-chain logistics in Dalian Port is only one third of that of Busan Port in South Korea, and its operation efficiency is more than twice of Busan Port. The 24-h uninterrupted logistics service provided by Dalian Port has also enhanced its competitiveness in the aquatic products transit business.

The successful issuance of the certificate for international transited cargos in Dalian Port is a concrete manifestation of the cold-chain logistics international transit center built by Dalian Port and indicates the improvement of the functional advantages of the Free Trade Zone that has made quite a competition to South Korea in international storage and transit business, and the comprehensive strength of the port has been greatly enhanced. At the same time, this policy will attract a large number of international traders to use Dayaowan Free Trade Port for storage and transiting, which will increase the imports and exports of Dalian by several times and benefit the whole logistics chain of Dalian Port and hence plays a positive role in making Dalian Port an international transit port for one-million-ton cold-chain cargos and an international shipping center of Northeast Asia and in revitalizing Northeast economy.