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Pilot Project of Parallel Import of Cars of Dalian Free Trade Zone Approved

    As we learnt from Bureau of Foreign Trade of Dalian yesterday, 7 state authorities of Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry and Information, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Transport, General Administration of Customs, General Administration of Quality Supervision and Certification and Accreditation Administration had formally approved the pilot project of parallel importing of automobile in Dalian Free Trade Zone recently. And Dalian has become one of the pilot cities that have been approved for parallel importing of cars and are the second batch of experimental cities after Shanghai, Tianjin, Fujian and Guangdong, which will effectively enhance the influence, driving force and power of Dalian port. 

    According to introduction, “parallel-import cars” refers to cars that are imported by importers (except general distributors) from the place of origin, their distribution channel is parallel to the domestic authorized distribution channels, and as a result of the absence of intermediate links this kind of cars are often cheaper than market price. Parallel-import cars are legal products that have passed 3C certification before they enter domestic market but in smaller quantities.

    Our city started the application for the experimental city for parallel importing of cars in November 2015 when we reported the basic conditions and advantages of port of our city for the experimental city for parallel importing of cars to Ministry of Commerce and formally submitted the application. Later on, Bureau of Foreign Trade of Dalian and relevant departments went to Fuzhou and Tianjin for study and research on the work of parallel importing of cars, based on which The Work Program of Dalian to Become the Experimental City for Parallel Importing of Cars was formed and submitted to Ministry of Commerce in December of the same year.
    Next, the municipal government will set up a leading group for the management of parallel importing of cars, further clarify the government’s responsibility for supervision, gives full play to Dalian’s advantages, actively explore the platform operation mode that combines trade, service, security and management relying on internet technology and internet of things, innovate system and measures and try to get scalable and replicable results in aspects of reform of supervision mode and guarantee of after-sales service. At the same time, our city will make and introduce policies to advance the development of parallel importing of cars and enhance the support.
    Parallel-import vehicles have an obvious advantage in price, and becoming the experimental city for parallel importing of cars is conducive to breaking monopoly in the industry to have the consumers feel the real benefits.

    Besides that, being an experimental city for parallel importing of cars, new opportunities in economic development will come. With the increase of imported cars in types and quantities, huge trade amount will bring large-scale logistics volume, which is conducive to promoting the development of Dalian international shipping center and trade center.
    According to statistics, many of the entrepreneurs in China that do business in parallel importing of cars are from Dalian. With the landing of various policies, a large number of car dealers will return to Dalian port, which will further increase local tax revenue. At the same time, many downstream industries will directly benefit, vehicle insurance revenue of our city and new car loan business of banks will be increased, and this is also good for fields like automobile decoration and agencies for customs declaration and inspection.
    In the longer term, if Dalian can make full use of her own advantages, do a good job in top-level design, promote institutional innovation, create a good environment and improve service level, this will be a huge attraction to the upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain of parallel-import cars both at home and abroad to create a whole industrial chain in the business, provide a favorable opportunity for the transformation, upgrading and quality and efficiency enhancing of auto industry of our city and become a new growth point that cannot be overlooked.