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The First Imported Grain Demonstration Port of China Lands in Our District

Realize Three Innovations of “Full Supervision, Quicker Customs Clearance and Harmless Treatment”

The First Imported Grain Demonstration Port of China Lands in Our District

Will Use Its Bonded Functions to Break the Bottleneck of Grain Trade Facilitation

Recently (September 9), under the supervision of national inspection and quarantine institutions in the mode of “internet + full supervision” for the first time, a train that was fully laden with imported soybeans left Beiliang Port Dayaowan for Tieling to be deeply processed and that marked the first imported grain demonstration port had entered the phase of trial operation in our district. In addition to full supervision through internet, this imported grain demonstration port will realize two major innovations of “quicker customs clearance” and “harmless treatment” through technological measures. After it is formally put into operation, the imported grain demonstration port will facilitate the bonded transit and bonded warehousing of imported grains, adapt to the requirements of the building of the free trade pilot zone, further promote trade facilitation and inject new vitality to the development of the port-surrounding grain industry of Dalian. District leaders Liu Aimin and Xiao Lei, Deputy Director of Liaoning Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Wang Deqiang, Director of Dayaowan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Bai Li and the people in charge of Beiliang Company and Dalian Port attended the launch ceremony of the trial operation.

Beiliang Port and Dalian Port are the biggest ports in Asia for grain import and export, and they have a good foundation for the warehousing and management of imported and exported grains, which maintains the advantageous position of Dalian ports in Northeast and even in China. However, influenced by a series of factors like supervision mode, customs clearance efficiency, inspection and quarantine technology and trade bottleneck, its industrial advantage, port and shipping advantage and trade advantage are not fully exerted, and the development level of grain industry of Dalian is not up to international standard. This year, in accordance with the requirements of municipal party committee and municipal government, District Management Committee and Dayaowan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau submitted their application for the building of imported grain demonstration port in Dalian Free Trade Zone to General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China together with China Grain & Logistics Group Beiliang Co., Ltd. and Port of Dalian. According to introduction, the region of imported grain demonstration port covers the ports and supporting grain industrial park of China Grain & Logistics Group Beiliang Co., Ltd. and the grain spreader terminal of Port of Dalian; the upper limit of the types of grains is imported soybeans, wheat, barley, maize and sorghum that are suitable for processing, storage, futures and bonded purpose.

To promote the building of imported grain demonstration port, Liaoning and Dayaowan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau have innovated the supervision mode, put the work of inspection and quarantine ahead through online laboratory to shorten inspection time and lift the time limit of customs clearance; regular unloading work of grains is changed, dust is collected for harmless treatment to avoid the loopback of dust, prevent the spread of epidemic and change waste into treasure; the full supervision of imported grains from the application for anchorage quarantine to unloading operations to warehousing of the inspection and quarantine department of ports is realized through electronic computerization. The municipal government and Beiliang Port have invested more than 6 million Yuan in technical support and equipment upgrading; Port of Dalian plans to invest more than 8 million Yuan for the remolding of sampling system, and the construction will be finished soon. Dalian Free Trade Zone has coordinated with relevant departments and played a leading and exploratory role on the basis of the previous building of the imported grain demonstration port to actively conform to international rules, expand port functions, introduce preferential policies, promote the investment attraction for the project of international transit of bonded grains, the project of grain processing and the project of grain trade and has made active explorations in breaking through the bottleneck of trade facilitation in the mutual conversion between grain futures and grain cash and the exchange in usage and type. 

As is introduced, after the imported grain demonstration port is officially put into use, the time of grain inspection and customs clearance can be at least shortened by 7-10 days; as is predicted, the cargo handling capacity of Dalian ports will be increased by 4 million tons, which values 13 billion Yuan; customs clearance facilitation will be further improved, the competitiveness of Dalian ports will be enhanced, the first mover advantage to imported grains will be kept, the portion of imported grains will be stabilized and increased, the position as the logistics center and trade center in the field of grain import will be maintained, and the building of “four centers” of Dalian will be vigorously promoted.