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China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone Dalian Area Hangs out Its Shingle

Tan Zuojun and Xiao Shengfeng Unveil the Nameplate for Dalian AreaAdministrative Committee and Speak on the Mobilization Meeting and Li Jingruiand Li Wancai Attend the Meeting


On the morning of April 10, China (Liaoning)Pilot Free Trade Zone Dalian Area hanged out its shingle in Jin Pu New Area,marking the beginning of the construction stage as well as the rigorousimplementation stage of Dalian Area. Member of Standing Committee of CPCProvincial Committee/Municipal Party Secretary Tan Zuojun and Deputy MunicipalParty Secretary/Mayor Xiao Shengfeng unveiled the nameplate for Dalian AreaAdministrative Committee and spoke at the mobilization meeting. Director ofMunicipal People’s Congress Li Jingrui and Chairman of the Municipal Committeeof CPPCC Li Wancai attended the meeting. Municipal leaders Yuan Keli, Lu Lin,Xiong Boli ang Wang Qiang and Municipal Government Secretary General LuoDongsheng also participated.

Tan Zuojun pointed out in his speech that to acceleratethe construction of China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone Dalian Area was aspecific action for implementing the guiding principles of General Secretary XiJinping’s talks and instructions on revitalizing Northeast China, an importantmeasure for building a strategic high ground for open cooperation targetingNortheast Asia, and a strong power for promoting the construction of “twoadvanced areas”. The whole city shall study and implement the guiding principlesof the series of talks of General Secretary Xi Jinping, especially the ones onbuilding pilot free trade zones, understand the great importance ofaccelerating the construction of the Pilot Free Trade Zone, further enhance thesense of responsibility and urgency, and unify the thoughts and actions intothe series of talks of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the decision of theParty Central Committee.

Tan Zuojun stressed that we should have specific goals,highlight the characteristics and push forward the magnificent cause ofbuilding the Pilot Free Trade Zone. Firstly, we must speed up themarket-oriented institutional mechanism reform and strive to take a new step incomprehensively deepening reform. With system innovation as the core, we shouldtake Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone as the standard, accelerate mechanismreform, and try to achieve more institutional innovations which can be quicklyreplicated by the whole city; with changing the functions of the government asthe focus, we should deepen the “power decentralization, justice supervisionand service improvement” reform and focus on optimizing the businessenvironment; with supply-side structural reform as the main line, we shouldaccelerate the restructuring and upgrading of industries. Secondly, we mustkeep opening wider to the outside world and achieve new breakthroughs inbuilding a new open economic system. We should fully connect to the nationalstrategy of “One Belt One Road” and participate in international competitionand cooperation in a wider area; we should hasten to cultivate new competitiveadvantages in foreign trade and create a system that conforms to common rulesfor international investment and trade; we should improve the quality offoreign investment, make more efforts in investment attraction and achieve morebreakthroughs in technology and intelligence attraction. Thirdly, we must payequal attention to introduction and cultivation and show a new image in teambuilding of talents and cadres. We should do a good job in the introduction oftalents and bring in a number of high-level talents from a global andinternational perspective; we should emphasize training and education andconstantly improve the overall quality of cadres; we should advocate the workstyle of “immediate action and good action”, be down to earth, work hard,tackle the difficulties and strive to form a vivid situation of competing fordevelopment.

Tan Zuojun said various regions and departments shall seethe city on one chess board, strengthen leadership, perform their own duties,and make joint efforts to promoting the construction of Liaoning Pilot FreeTrade Zone Dalian Area. By enhancing the overall awareness and unifying theideological understanding, we should all work together and do a good job in buildingDalian Area. We should try our best fearlessly and achieve new breakthroughsconcerning the key issues and difficulties in deepening reform and openingwider. By implementing the responsibility at all levels, all member units ofthe leading team and Dalian Area Administrative Committee shall take their ownresponsibilities, make specific work plans, decompose the tasks and pass thepressure level by level. We shall strengthen the supervision and evaluationsystem to make sure every task of Dalian Area be implemented effectively andget excellent achievements before the 19th National Congress of the CommunistParty of China.

Xiao Shengfeng pointed out that the officialestablishment of Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone Dalian Area reflected thecordial care of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the ProvincialParty Committee and the Provincial Government for Dalian as well as their great support and earnest expectations to Dalian. We shall keep in mind the greattrust, grasp the great opportunity of building the Pilot Free Trade Zone, fullyimplement the five major development concepts, conscientiously carry out the“four efforts” following the guiding principle of the speech General SecretaryXi Jinping gave when he joined Liaoning’s panel discussion, seize every minute,work together, gather the wisdom of all, and shoulder the historical missionthe party and the country trusted us with.

Xiao Shengfeng said we must have clear goals, highlightthe key tasks, and complete the reform and the pilot task of Dalian Area withhigh quality. We must adhere to the core of institutional innovation, deepeningthe institutional reform and make new breakthroughs in investmentliberalization, trade facilitation and finance internationalization; we must adhereto the main line of structural adjustment, deepen the reform of state-ownedassets and state-owned enterprises, promote the restructuring and upgrading ofindustries, expanding the scale of the use of foreign capital, and facilitatethe restructuring and upgrading of the old industrial base; we must adhere tothe guidance of the Pilot Free Trade Zone, make scientific plans for themulti-dimensional development of Dalian Area, enhance the linkage to NationalSelf-Dependent Innovation Demonstration Area, Jin Pu New Area and “Four Centersand One Cluster”, constantly enlarge the policy dividend, promote theintegration of science, technology, finance, trade and industries, andstimulate the interaction between talents, capital, technologies and knowledge;we must adhere to the focus of “power decentralization, justice supervision andservice improvement” reform, establish an administrative management system thatsuits the operation of an open economy, down-pass what should be down-passed,reduce what should be reduced, control what should be controlled, taboo whatshould be tabooed, disclose what should be disclosed, and make every effort tocreating an international business environment.

Xiao Shengfeng said we should spare no pains, tackle thedifficulties, and quickly make a wave of building the Pilot Free Trade Zonewith a reliable work style. We must adhere to the construction plan of thePilot Free Trade Zone, break it down into specific details combining with thereality and do a good job in implementation; we must speed up the establishmentof a highly efficient operation mechanism, focusing on the overall coordinationmechanism on the municipal level, the overall promotion mechanism on the area’slevel and the joint working mechanism on the working team’s level; we mustreplicate and publicize mature experience and formulate a batch of innovativemechanisms with Dalian Characteristics based on our position in the country andDalian’s status quo; we must strengthen the cultivation and introduction of talentsand bring in high-level talents in international investment, trade, shipping,finance and social management; we must emphasize the implementation of mainbodies’ responsibilities, shoulder the mission the country trusted us with,make bold tests and breakthroughs and active amendments, and achieve a highstarting point in Dalian Area.

The ceremony and the mobilization meeting were presidedby Lu Lin, Memberof Dalian Municipal Standing Committee/Deputy Mayor. At the meeting, the State Council’s Reply upon Approving theEstablishment of China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone and the Decision of the Municipal PartyCommittee and the Municipal Government upon Setting Up the Construction WorkLeading Team and Administrative Committee of China (Liaoning) Pilot Free TradeZone Dalian Area were read. The responsible people with Jin Pu New AreaAdministrative Committee, Dalian Customs, Liaoning Entry-Exit Inspection andQuarantine Bureau and People’s Bank of China Dalian Centre Sub-Branch spoke oneby one at the meeting. The leaders present at the meeting issued businesslicenses to the enterprises and organizations that had registered in China(Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone Dalian Area. The administrative committees ofDalian Development Zone and DFTZ (Dalian Free Trade Zone) signed projectagreements with the enterprises for settling down in China (Liaoning) PilotFree Trade Zone Dalian Area.