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Our District Signs a Cooperation Agreement with China Resources Gas in Hong Kong

In order to further acceleratethe building of Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone and bring in an institutionalinnovation that leaned on projects to drive market orientation, our districtsent an economic and trade delegation with Secretary Liu Aimin as the directorto Hong Kong for investment promotion. April18, the Delegation met the management of China Resources Gas in Hong Kong and signed an agreement on the establishment ofa joint-venture electric power company and the participation in the investmentof shares for the Natural Gas Company.

As a wholly-owned subsidiaryand a flagship listed company in HK of China Resources, China Resources Gas wasestablished in 2007 and is one of the biggest urban gas operators in China.The meeting was aimed to further strengthen cooperation between the twoparties, improve the development and construction of gas market in ourdistrict, effectively reduce the cost of electricity of the enterprises in ourdistrict and solve the “last mile” problem of matched power for major projects.After the talks, the two parties had reached an agreement, and our districtwould work with China Resources Gas and China Resources Power to set up anelectric power sales company and buy into China Resources Gas (DFTZ) Co., Ltd.The establishment of the electric power sales company and the gas company willhelp to effectively reduce the costs of electricity and gas of the enterprisesin our district, provide production factors with more favorable prices to themand enhance their market competitiveness.

During the meeting, theDelegation also briefed China Resources Gas on the various innovativeinitiatives DFTZ (Dalian Free Trade Zone) had carried out in the building ofthe Pilot Free Trade Zone, as well as the promotion of relevant key projects.The responsible person with China Resources Gas said they would further use thepolicy functions of the Pilot Free Trade Zone and increase the investment inDFTZ. Also, they’d like to introduce the good policies to other sectors ofChina Resources and attract more China Resources enterprises to do business inDFTZ.