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Administrative Committee Leaders Meet Guests from Kunlun Energy and Zhonghua Geotechnical
    On the afternoon of June 15, Director of Free Trade Zone Administrative Committee Liu Aimin met the vice general manager of Kunlun Energy Company Limited Li Wei, the general manager of China Zhonghua Geotechnical Engineering Co., Ltd. Liang Fuhua and the secretary general of Dalian Association of Private Equity Wang Fujun. Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee Chen Yushi and the responsible people of Bureau of Finance, Bureau of Urban Planning, Land and Housing, Bureau of Urban Construction and Transportation and Energy Port attended the meeting.  
    In the talks with Kunlun Energy Co., Ltd., the two sides discussed the establishment of LNG whole industrial chain cooperation framework, the expansion of LNG tanks, the cooperative development of cold energy utilization and LNG distributed energy and the matter that Kunlun Energy set up a trade settlement platform in the Pilot Free Trade Zone, and exchanged their views on the signing of the Agreement on Establishing Strategic Cooperation Framework. Through the meeting, the cooperation between government and enterprises was strengthened; based on the favorable opportunity of building the Pilot Free Trade Zone, the resource superiority of Kunlun Energy and the industrial advantage of Dalian’s LNG were exerted, measures like increasing and improving investment structure, developing the sales market and exploring innovative business mode were implemented, commodity trade, storage and transfer agency and project operations were expanded, and the comprehensive utilization of LNG and natural gas were promoted in the Pilot Free Trade Zone to realize the whole industry chain integrative development of LNG. 
    Director Liu Aimin said, the Free Trade Zone had maintained a good cooperative relationship with Dalian LNG Company and would provide services to assist the implementation of the project like always. He said, saving energy, reducing emission and increasing energy efficiency was a prevailing trend of future development of the country, and LNG distributed energy and cold energy comprehensive utilization and exploitation were also environmentally-friendly projects the country claimed to support in the “13th Five-Year” development plan. Therefore, the two sides shall take the opportunity of constructing the Pilot Free Trade Zone, make full use of the brand advantage and resource superiority of Kunlun Energy, expand the marketing channel along the industrial chain of LNG, natural gas and cold energy, enhance the core competence of Dalian LNG receiving station in the region surrounding the Bohai Sea, and contribute to the building of Dalian International Shipping Center to achieve mutual benefits and a win-win situation. 
    In the meeting with the guest from Zhonghua Geotechnical, Director Liu Aimin gave his welcome to Zhonghua Geotechnical first for its participation in the development and building of the Pilot Free Trade Zone as a domestic industrial leading company. He pointed out that it would provide better services to the investment attraction of the Free Trade Zone to give professional services to the real economy including equity transaction and financial investment, which was an important measure for stimulating financing in Free Trade Zone and attracting large-scale state-owned enterprises and private enterprises to invest here. He hoped the three sides could work together to achieve more down-to-earth and more fruitful results. The Free Trade Zone would create a first-class development environment and make every effort to provide the best services to enterprises for their development here and achieve a win-win situation. Liang Fuhua, the general manager of Zhonghua Geotechnical, gave a brief introduction of the development of the company and clarified their willingness to invest in Pilot Free Trade Zone Dalian Division. Secretary General Wang Fujun put forward ideas for investment and cooperation from aspects of establishing a service platform for financial innovation and creating a guidance fund for industrial development. 
    China Zhonghua Geotechnical Engineering Co., Ltd. is the first geotechnical engineering company that has gone public in China and a leading enterprise in the sector of dynamic consolidation treatment of foundation. By extending the industrial chain of geotechnical engineering, its business has covered petrochemical energy, rail transportation, underground space, municipal engineering, port and waterway and water conservancy, and it is now actively planning its development in general aviation and culture media. Zhonghua Geotechnical has 54 wholly-owned, holding and sharing companies in China; its domestic market spreads throughout the country and its international market reaches Saudi Arabia, Angola, Chad, Macao and other countries and regions; and it owns more than 100 specific techniques (including 41 patents for invention). With its industrial platform resource advantage and innovation ability, the company has now become an extremely unique and highly competitive engineering service provider in fields of airports, municipal infrastructure and underground space development by providing a customized service pattern of “engineering consulting, planning & design, investment, construction and operation”.