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Liangjiadian Industrial Zone

Director Lu Lin Inspecting Production Safety of Key Enterprises in Liangjiadian Industrial Zone before the Spring Festival 2012 

    Founded in August 2010, Liangjiadian Industrial Zone was listed as the Key Economic Zone of Dalian by Dalian Municipal People’s Government in December 2011. The Industrial Zone is located in northeast of DFTZ, east of Qingyun River of Liangjiadian Neighborhood and north of the planned Dandong–Dalian High-Speed Railway, and covers a planning area of 11.79 km2. It is 30 km from Dayao Bay Port, 14 km from the entrance of Shenyang-Haikou (Dalian) Expressway, 48 km from Dalian International Airport, and closely linked to National Highway 201.

Collective Groundbreaking Ceremony of Industrial Projects in 2011 

    In 2011, Liangjiadian Industrial Zone attracted the paid-up foreign capital of USD 43 million and domestic capital of 500 million Yuan, and achieved the investment in fixed assets of 2.8 billion Yuan and general budget revenue of 13 million Yuan. Besides, it has realized a qualitative breakthrough in introducing major projects, and had the advanced equipment manufacturing projects like Top-Eastern Drills (with the total investment amount in excess of 1 billion Yuan) settled here. This enables Liangjiadian Industrial Park to truly serve as a carrier for major industrial project in the course of DFTZ’s industrial transformation and upgrade. 

Groundbreaking Ceremony of Top-Eastern Drills Park on October 28, 2011 

    Liangjiadian Industrial Zone is committed to developing three pillar industries, namely advanced equipment manufacturing, vehicle assembling & auto parts, and new energy & new materials. The entire staff of Liangjiadian Industrial Park is making great efforts to build the Industrial Park into a new economic zone subject to “large-scale industry cluster, highlighted and distinctive features, well-equipped infrastructure and remarkable economic benefits” and to keep various businesses of DFTZ flourishing as soon as possible.