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TDC Industrial Park Phase Ⅱ Is Put into Production

May 6, TDC Industrial Park Phase was put into production in the Free Trade Zone,which demonstrated that Dalian Free Trade Zone took a positive step forward inblending in “One Belt One Road” national development strategy since China (Liaoning)Pilot Free Trade Zone Dalian Division had started running.

TDC Cutting Tools Inc., founded in 1995, now has2600 employees and total assets of 3.7 billion CNY. In year 2016, its annualsales revenue was 1.8 billion CNY, and it earned 600 million CNY throughexport. After more than two decades of development, TDC has now become thelargest high speed steel cutting tools manufacturer in the world; its customersinclude world-renowned manufacturing enterprises and cutting tools salesenterprises such as Boeing, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Caterpillar, Bosch and Paterson.

With the goal of building intelligent, smart, greenfactories, TDC Industrial Park Phase has invested 600 million CNY in total, which not only improves thetechnological levels of core links in cutting tools manufacturing including materialsmelting and processing, structure design, heat treatment and surface treatmentof cutting tools, but also builds a new powder metallurgy production line, aprecision drills production line, a precision taps production line and a vacuumcoating production line facing both domestic and foreign markets to producehigh-end products including powder metallurgy products, high speed steel endmills, and high speed steel precision taps. By reaching its productioncapacity, its annual scale of production will be 2.5 billion CNY, which willchange the embarrassing status quo of domestic cutting tools market that isselling materials at a low price and repurchasing finished products at a muchhigher one, fill the gaps of China’s high-end cutting tools in theinternational market, and enhance the quality, market influence and marketshare of cutting tools made in China.