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FTZ Bonded Logistics Zone
Since its establishment was approved by the State Council in 1992, DFTZ has fully utilized the policy advantages and functional superiority endowed by the State and the geographic advantages of Dalian to carry out comprehensive services of international logistics. DFTZ has become a forerunner area of modern logistics subject to the best logistics service functions, the most advanced logistics techniques and the most standardized operation of logistics enterprises in Dalian. 

    In recent years, the scale, grade and level of logistics industry in DFTZ have been continually improved; its gross industrial output value and quality have been continuously enhanced; and its overall economic indicators have been increased quickly. By the end of “the tenth five-year plan”, the logistics industry in DFTZ achieved the revenues of 2.8 billion Yuan, 25 times of that by the end of “the ninth five-year plan”, growing by 91% on a year-on-year basis; realized the profits of 300 million Yuan, 29 times of that by the end of “the ninth five-year plan”, growing by 96% on a year-on-year basis; realized the tax revenues of 200 million Yuan, 19 times of that by the end of “the ninth five-year plan”, growing by 81% on a year-on-year basis. 
    Bonded logistics industry is a kind of cluster industry arising from the industrialization of various logistics recourses, which has, based on port and bonded area, contributed to the port logistics system and bonded logistics system focusing on the development of international logistics.  

    Port logistics system based on port industry 
    Port is an important integral part of port logistics. Based on the specialized terminal of Dagushan Peninsula, a port logistics system is shaped, which is centered on port industry and supported by shipping industry, transportation industry, warehousing industry, agency service industry, etc.  
    Representative enterprises of port industry: Dalian Container Terminal (DCT), Dalian Port Container Terminal (DPCM), Dalian Automobile Terminal (DAT), Dalian Port Ore Terminal, Crude Oil Terminal, Beiliang Port, etc.;
    Representative enterprises of shipping industry: COSCO An-Gang Shipping Co., Ltd., Orient Sea Highway Services Co., Ltd. etc.; 
    Representative enterprises of transportation industry: Dalian North International Grain Logistics Co., Ltd., etc.;
    Representative enterprises of container warehousing industry: DCTL, Jilong Logistics, Singamas Logistics, Shenggang Logistics, China Shipping Group, COSCO, Intercontinental Logistics, etc.; 
    Representative enterprises of agency service industry: SINOTRANS, etc.;
    Bonded logistics system based on bonded business 
    Bonded logistics is a unique advantage of DFTZ. Over the development of more than 10 years, DFTZ has established a bonded logistics system focusing on bonded warehousing, distribution and delivery, and third-party logistics. 
    Bonded warehousing logistics: Bonded warehousing is a basic function of bonded logistics, with relatively single business mode available. The representative enterprises include A.T. International Logistics, ZhaoLong International, Tongsuda Logistics, etc. 

    Distribution and delivery logistics: An enterprise will set up a self-use bonded warehouse of certain area, and distribute the commodities to various circulation points or manufacturers while selling the commodities. This business mode is an organic integration of trade and logistics. The representative enterprises include Omron Industry and Trade, Sunny (Spare Parts Logistics of FAW-Volkswagen), Develing International Trade (milk powder), Kanematsu (pre-production distribution of parts and components), Tokyo Byokane and distribution enterprises of various imported cars. 
    Third-party logistics: This refers to a specialized logistics service mode integrating all kinds of businesses like warehousing, transportation, forwarding agency, distribution of import cargos, consolidated transport of export cargos, etc. The main representative enterprises include Nittsu, Daikyu, Toshiba, Kintetsu, Best, Alps, etc.