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Learn the Speech, Target Shanghai, Emancipate the Mind and Work Hard

Our DistrictHolds a Mobilization Meeting for the Learning and Discussion Activity with theTheme of “Learn the Speech, Target Shanghai, Emancipate the Mind and Work Hard”

Today, our district helda mobilization meeting for the learning and discussion activity with the themeof “learn the speech, target Shanghai, emancipate the mind and work hard” toimplement the requirements of Municipal Party Committee and Jin Pu New AreaParty Working Committee on the learning and discussion activity and makearrangements for the Free Trade Zone to carry out the activity. Party membersof the Administrative Committee and principal heads of various departments attendedthe meeting.

Administrative CommitteeDirector Liu Aimin conveyed the spirit of the speech Secretary Wang Qiang gaveat the learning and discussions activity mobilization meeting of Jin Pu NewArea.

Ⅰ Adhere to ProblemOrientation

Problems shall besolved through emancipating the mind, and the results shall be used to evaluatethe effects of mind emancipation. A new area that is in line with internationalpractices and with good business environment, rich cultural atmosphere,high-quality public service and stable and orderly society shall be built. 

Ⅱ Adhere to InnovationBreakthrough

We shall dare to getrid of the bottlenecks that impact and restraint development. Policies shall beformulated to support key industries, the construction of industrial platformsshall be strengthened, the introduction and cultivation of professional andtechnical personnel shall be accelerated, and industrial clusters shall befostered and flourished. Independent innovation and technological innovationshall be promoted, supporting services shall be improved, powerful innovativeenterprise, R&D institutions and incubation platforms shall be brought in,the local transformation of scientific research achievements shall beaccelerated, and an independent national innovative demonstration area shall bebuilt.

Ⅲ Adhere toSelf-Revolution

We shall focus on thebig picture and make way for quick development. An overall-situation idea shallbe set in the latest round of reform of management system and operationmechanism of the New Area that is coming soon, and with full support andparticipation it shall be guaranteed that the reform go steady and orderly.

Ⅳ Adhere to ResoluteActions

“Do it right away, doit in the right way” shall be turned into concrete actions.

Ⅴ Adhere to OverallPlanning

A grand blueprint forthe development of the New Area in the coming period shall be drawnscientifically.

Ⅵ Adhere to Practiceand Reality

We shall make everyeffort to accomplish all the objectives of the year.

Liu Aimin requestedthat we shall fully summarize our achievements in emancipating the mind and targetingShanghai since the beginning of this year and build a better atmosphere for thebuilding of the Free Trade Zone.

This year, the FreeTrade Zone has always taken the promotion of reform and the expansion ofopening as her two fundamental tasks and has implemented them unswervingly.Mainly the following three activities have been carried out as carriers:

Ⅰ A Discussion with theTheme of “Greet the Free Trade Zone, Consolidate the Soft Environment” IsConducted Before Others

53 innovativeinitiatives in five aspects of business environment improvement, investment andtrade facilitation, financial industry cluster, port-centered industrydevelopment and comprehensive supportability enhancement have been put forward,each of which has been implemented, and a number of results have been achievedfully affirmed by superior leaders.

Member of StandingCommittee of CPC Provincial Committee/Secretary of Municipal Party CommitteeTan Zuojun pointed out, “The innovative initiatives of the Free Trade Zone notonly created the shortest time limit in project approval in our province butalso effectively overcome some of the bottlenecks and barriers in the earlyperiod of the project and have accumulated strong potential for breakthroughsin economic hardship.”

Ⅱ An Activity To GiveAdvice and Suggestions to “Assist the Building of the Pilot Free Trade Zone” IsCarried out

50 measures and keypoints concerning 6 aspects of shipping center, port-centered industry,financial innovation, opening up, rejuvenation of the Northeast and businessenvironment have been concluded. New columns have been opened in Dalian Dailyand wechat official account, which has fully stimulated the ideologicalvitality of cadres and masses and established a good public opinion atmosphereof “everyone understands free trade, all builds free trade together”.

Ⅲ Strengthen theTheoretical Depth and Practical Implications of Mind Emancipation

 Opinionsand Suggestions on the Construction of Dalian International Shipping Center co-authored by our district has been used by the General Office of the StateCouncil and the General Office of the Provincial Government as referencedocument. 

We have set up a freetrade wind vane column on wechat platform to release in a timely fashion thelatest news and advanced experience in building free trade zones in variousregions.

       LiuAimin emphasized that the whole district shall, in accordance with therequirements of the Municipal Party Committee and New Area Party WorkingCommittee, consider the learning and discussion activity as an important task,make a full plan and careful organization, clarify the responsibilities andmake sure the activity be implemented effectively.

Ⅰ Strengthen Organization and Leadership

A leading group for the learning and discussionactivity shall be established to strengthen leadership in accordance with theoverall deployment and arrangement of New Area Party Working Committee and theAdministrative Committee and do a good job in the overall planning andcoordination of the activity. The chief responsible comrades of all thedepartments and units of the district shall put the activity on the agenda andmake specific plans in combination with their actual conditions so as to putresponsibilities in place and ensure solid progress of the activity.

Make Efforts in Integrated Development

We shall adhere to the theme of “learn thespeech, target Shanghai, emancipate the mind and work hard” and the focus of “ninekey points” and conduct the activity in combination with the actual developmentof the Free Trade Zone and the ideological reality of party members and cadres.The learning and discussion activity shall be combined with implementing theguiding principles of the 19th CPC National Congress, learning the series ofspeeches of General Secretary, living up to new development concept, “fourexertions” and “three promotions”, targeting Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone andthe proceeding of the work of each department. Activity and work shall beimplemented together and we shall make the best of both, and the effects of thelearning and discussion activity shall be reflected in mind emancipation, workinnovation and development acceleration.

Ⅲ Strengthen Supervision and ExaminationAccountability

All departments shall adhere to targetingstandard, reaching standard and creating standard, put forward measures forcorrection in view of the disparities and insufficiencies found in learning anddiscussion, and make specific goals, roadmaps and timetables to reach standard.We shall intensify evaluation and accountability, incorporate the learning anddiscussion activity into performance assessment of leading group and leadingcadres according to unified arrangement and specific requirements of Jin Pu NewArea, departments that haven't paid enough attention, conducted poororganization or showed many problems will be criticized and educated and thosethat slack off, don’t answer questions or don’t do their jobs will be called toaccount sternly.

Create a Dense Atmosphere

In accordance with the instruction of SecretaryWang Qiang of “open the door for activities”, we shall well communicate withvarious departments of the New Area, make good use of different carriers suchas wechat official account, enterprise account and website, start a boom oflearning and discussion through various platforms and propaganda means, fullydemonstrate the actual results of the activity of our district, stimulate theenthusiasm of cadres and masses to join in the development and create a denseatmosphere of emancipating the mind and seeking development in our district.

Adhere to the Unity of Theoryand Practice

The results of mind emancipation and targetingShanghai shall be transformed into actual work results as much as possible.Deep cooperation with Customs, Inspection and Quarantine, Maritime Affairs,Frontier Defense, Port of Dalian and other departments shall be strengthenedall around and comprehensive port service functions with high energy level andstrong radiation shall be boosted to drive the deep development ofport-centered industry. The feasibility of replicating the 20 measures fortrade facilitation of Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone shall be studied,highlighting system integration and function superposition, to realizere-reform and re-innovation.