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From 0 to 53.487 Billion Yuan, It Only Takes China (Dalian) Pilot Free Trade Zone 215 Days!

Since China (Dalian) Pilot FreeTrade Zone hung out its shingle on April 10, it has become a genuine “newengine” for the development of Jin Pu New Area. As the reporter learnt from theMunicipal Free Trade Office yesterday, the impetus of the “new engine” hadsurged with the building of the Pilot Free Trade Zone.

    According tostatistics, trade facilitation has prevailed in Dalian Pilot Free Trade Zone atpresent, 80% of the inspection and quarantine projects have realized onlinecustoms clearance and inspection declaration, which made it possible to releaseright after investigation and to be cleared by customs instantly, the averagecustoms clearance cost is reduced by 10%, and the time for international tradeoffline processing is reduced by 1/3. The total volume of import and export ofJin Pu New Area in the first three quarters has reached 214.745 billion CNYwith year-on-year growth of 35.47% accounting for 69% of the city’s total; China-EuropeTrains have delivered 23 000 TEUs with year-on-year growth of 121%; 24financial institutions have settled in the Pilot Free Trade Zone, providing widerfinancing channels, lower financing costs and more diversified “going global”financial services; more than 50 major projects have been signed, and thebuilding of a batch of key projects has been accelerated including Intel, Koyo,Financial Service Industrial Park, and Deta Innovation and Pioneer Park; thenumber of parallel-import cars has reached 9000 ranking the second in all thefree trade zones in the country, and a few days ago the first batch of 129bonded parallel-import cars also landed smoothly in Dayaowan Port, whichimplied the successful implementation of the bonded warehousing policy forparallel-import cars; the average price of the real estate around the FreeTrade Zone has increased by 1000 CNY per square meter compared with the same periodof last year and the transaction volume has increased by 11.41%...

    In addition, thebusiness environment of the New Area has been further improved and itscompetitiveness and attractiveness has been significantly enhanced with theimplementation of the 149 pieces of innovative experience copied from Shanghaiand other free trade zones, the 89 measures various departments carried out tosupport the building of Dalian Pilot Free Trade Zone and the 66 self-initiatedmoves, and the voice of Dalian is constantly heard in “the forest of free tradezones”. For instance, the policy that allows enterprises in the customs specialsupervision zone to provide consigned processing service has revitalized HaierDalian Works that was about to be shut down; and the one that is called “batchaccess, centralized declaration” and “self-transportation within the zone” hassaved Dalian Iris Ohyama Co., Ltd. 1248 hours for customs clearance and 416 000CNY every year; through the “bonded exhibition & trading platform”, DalianMazak Co., Ltd. has lowered its customs clearance cost by more than 200 000CNY. Policy innovations like classified stare decisis pilot zone launched byDalian Customs District People’s Republic of China, “three mutual” customsclearance jointly promoted by port departments, bonded mixed ore co-promoted byCustoms and CIQ, the export rebate platform of Dalian Municipal Office of SAT,and the free trade online service platform of Dalian Central Sub-branch of thePeople’s Bank of China have been popularized across the country. Pioneeredmeasures like “easy establishment, migration and cancellation of generaltaxpayers”, “licensing service specialist” system for quality supervision,inspection and quarantine enterprise remote self-service release mode, rapidchange of quarantine license between soybean futures delivery and processingmaterials, “foreign exchange receipt and disbursement enterprise directory”online registration, online value added tax invoice of general taxpayers andjoint-movement joint-duty integrated law enforcement system are being activelypromoted and summarized.

The latest statistics shows that,as of November 10, 4406 enterprises are newly registered in Dalian Pilot FreeTrade Zone with total registered capital of 53.487 billion CNY. Among them,4331 are domestic-funded enterprises with registered capital of 50.732 billionCNY; 75 are foreign-funded enterprises with registered capital of 449 millionUSD; 110 enterprises have registered capital of over 100 million CNY and theirtotal registered capital is 28.08 billion CNY.

Source: Jin Pu News