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Dalian Free Trade Zone Launches New Measures 2.0

Dalian Free Trade Zone Launches New Measures 2.0 to Deepenthe Construction of Pilot Free Trade Zone and Support the Bidding for FreeTrade Port


Innovation compensates for weakness and reform promotesopening up. In order to implement the instruction of Secretary Tan of “activelytargeting Shanghai, building an international business environment”, the FreeTrade Zone officially launched the 43 New Measures to Deepen the Constructionof Pilot Free Trade Zone and Support the Bidding for Free Trade Port(hereinafter referred to as Support Free Trade 2.0).

Four aspects are involved: optimization of businessenvironment, promotion of trade facilitation, improvement of financial serviceand development of port-centered industries. This year, with the goal of “buildingthe best investment destination in Northeast China”, we will useinternationally accepted rules as benchmark, precisely reduce the time limit ofexamination and approval, pioneer in five aspects of high-end industries,investment facilitation, trade facilitation, financial internationalization,intelligent supervision and standardization of rule of law, and make everyeffort to form a “bonded” experience of Dalian Pilot Free Trade Zone which canbe replicated and popularized.

— To Deepen the Construction of Pilot Free Trade Zone

Business Facilitation (7 Articles)

1. Convenience in Administrative Licensing: service ofnon-workday appointment acceptance window shall be provided on trial to realize“full service online, once done” and “non-face-to-face examination and approval”.

2. System of Countersigning Similar Financial Projects:business registration reform shall be carried out boldly and a system ofcountersigning projects with words like “investment” and “fund” shall beestablished to facilitate business registration.

3. System of Project Quality Potential Defect ResponsibilityInsurance and Performance Guarantee Insurance: construction project performanceguarantee insurance and project quality potential defect responsibilityinsurance are implemented to replace deposits for tender, performance andemployment to alleviate burdens on enterprises.

4. Establishment of System of Setting Time to StartWorking: the coordination between various departments before the listing of a projectland shall be strengthened, and the examination and approval procedure shall befurther optimized to make sure construction start according to the agreed timeafter the land is delisted.

5. Intelligent Tax System: the sharing of comprehensive taxdata network and tax revenue analysis center shall be improved to serve thebuilding of intelligent Pilot Free Trade Zone with an intelligent tax system.

6. Comprehensive Tax System Combining State and LocalAdministration of Taxation: classification and risk management shall beimplemented in the link of tax collection management and a comprehensive socialtax system shall be established together with Industry & CommerceDepartment and financial institutions.

7. Promotion of “Three-Same” Project: focusing on “sameline, same standard, same quality”, the quality of domestic products ofmanufacturers shall be improved, and thus the competitiveness of enterprises inNortheast old industrial base can be strengthened.

Talent Pool (4 Articles)

8. Integrated Human Resource Platform: information fromgovernments, enterprises, universities, talent markets, job seekers andentrepreneurs shall be integrated to establish a high-standard human resourceplatform that meets the development requirements of the Pilot Free Trade Zone.

9. Foreign High-end Talent Service: the issuance ofinvitation letter or invitation confirmation letter shall be canceled after receivingthe Notification Letter of Foreigner’s Work Permit in the People’s Republic ofChina online. A commitment system shall be adopted, and the permit period andage limit broadened.  

10. Base for Introduction of Practical Talents and Trainingof Applicable Talents: a platform for introducing retired technical talents andpractical talents in Northeast Asia shall be established, a base of practicaltalents like technicians shall be built, and a training base of applicabletalents to serve Northeast old industrial base shall be set up.

11. Human Resources Industrial Park: using the successfulexperience of Shanghai for reference, a human resources industrial park shallbe established to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Trade Upgrading (5 Articles)

12. Operating Headquarters Economy: based on controllablerisks, various kinds of exchanges, trading centers and investment companiesshall be encouraged and attracted to settle in the Pilot Free Trade Zone.

13. Cold China E-Commerce Trading Platform: fisheryprocessing capacity shall be integrated, and a whole industry chain includingmarine fishery, international trade, storage and processing and e-commerceshall be established.

14. Medical Equipment Import and Export Market andE-Commerce Trading Platform: uniform quality standards shall be formulated,pricing mechanism shall be established, domestic resources shall be integrated,and we shall participate in the international competition of medical equipmentindustry.

15. Distribution Center of Imported Fruits and Japanese andSouth Korean Commodities: we shall take the initiative to blend in the Belt andRoad proposal and establish an import base and distribution center of fruitsfrom South America and Southeast Asia. The logistics link between the externalwarehouses in countries like Japan and South Korea and the Pilot Free TradeZone shall be enhanced, and a Japanese and South Korean commodity importdistribution center shall be built. 

16. Maintenance and Remanufacturing Base: the business ofmaintenance and remanufacturing shall be developed, and services such asdomestic and overseas procurement, distribution, lease and maintenance of spareparts of ships, large-scale equipments and transportation tools shall beexplored.

Harbor Construction (3 Articles)

17. Harbor Service Platform: encouragement and supportpolicies shall be introduced to attract shipping agencies and freightforwarding, shipping finance and harbor service enterprises to gather in thePilot Free Trade Zone, and a harbor service platform shall be set up to realizeintensive operation.

18. Integrated Development of Port Resources: we shallcooperate closely with China Merchants Group to explore new pathways for portintegration and state-owned enterprise reform and open up new space for theconstruction of a shipping center.

19. Optimization and Upgrading of Port-Centered Industries:we shall integrate the land resources around the port, adjust the planning andlayout, develop new energy vehicles, high-end manufacturing and port economy,and build a port-centered high-end industry cluster area.

Financial Innovation (13 Articles)

20. Expansion of the Cross-border Use of RMB: using theexperience of Shanghai as reference, we shall encourage banks in the Pilot FreeTrade Zone to issue RMB loans for overseas projects. The establishment ofcross-border electronic trading and fund settlement platform in RMB shall besupported to provide trading services of financial factors priced and settledin RMB to both domestic and overseas investors.  

21. Enlargement of the Scale of Offshore FinancialServices: we shall support Chinese-funded commercial banks to expand theirbusiness scope, innovate offshore financial products, and facilitate offshoretrade and investment and financing activities in the Pilot Free Trade Zone.

21. To Support the Development of Financial IndustryThrough Special Financial Allocation: rewards shall be given in terms ofsettlement, operation, personnel and office space, special funds shall beallocated to cultivate projects in equity investment, financial leasing,commercial factoring and financial holdings, and financial opening up andinnovation shall be encouraged.

23. To Focus on the Development of Financial Leasing Plate:we shall attract financial leasing corporations to settle in the Free TradeZone and provide them with facilitation in registration, financial and taxpolicy support and business development.

24. To Focus on the Development of Fund Plate: we shallattract high-quality domestic and foreign fund enterprises that are in linewith the industrial fund investment strategy to settle in the Pilot Free TradeZone and to invest in local strategic industries. We shall attract VC/PEinvestment institutions to settle in the Pilot Free Trade Zone to achieve fundindustry cluster development.

25. To Focus on the Development of Commercial Factoring: weshall introduce high-quality member commercial factoring corporations ofFactors Chain International to set up branches.

26. To Focus on the Development of Supply Chain Finance: weshall attract supply chain financing platforms to participate in the purchase& sales contracts between upstream small-and-medium-sized enterprisesuppliers and state-owned enterprises and also in the procurement chain ofsmall-and-medium-sized enterprises.

27. To Focus on the Promotion of Financial ProductInnovation: we shall encourage the traditional financial institutions likecommercial banks and insurance companies in the Pilot Free Trade Zone to innovatetheir financial products around international trade, international logisticsand international shipping.

28. To Focus on the Promotion of the Development ofInnovative and Entrepreneurial Finance: we shall guide the construction ofinnovative and entrepreneurial base of financial industry, provide equityinvestment and financing support to innovative and entrepreneurial enterprisesin the Pilot Free Trade Zone and stimulate technological innovation andindustrial upgrading.

29. To Focus on the Promotion of the Development of Cross-borderE-Commerce Finance: we shall attract e-commerce enterprises and paymentinstitutions to settle in the Pilot Free Trade Zone. Commercial banks shall beencouraged to provide services to cross-border e-commerce enterprises directlyor through cooperation with payment institutions. A cross-border e-commercecomprehensive service platform shall be established to provide supply chainfinancing services for e-commerce enterprises.

30. Improvement of Shipping Insurance System: we shallsupport the establishment of professional shipping insurance agencies,encourage qualified comprehensive property insurance companies to conductshipping insurance business, make preferential tax policies or financialsubsidies for shipping insurance, and attract shipping insurance business.

31. Bonded Futures Delivery: the scope of futures item bondeddelivery shall be expanded, the implementation of futures delivery of SoybeanNo. 2 shall be promoted, its trading activity shall be enhanced and our pricingpower over it shall be strengthened.

32. To Encourage Large-Scale Enterprise Groups to Set upFinancial Companies: we shall encourage large-scale enterprise groups tocooperate with professional organizations to set up financial institutions infinancial leasing, factoring, insurance and asset management to broaden thechannels and modes of investment and financing.

Service Assurance (2 Articles)

33. The Establishment of Project Comprehensive ManagementPlatform: information of major projects shall be integrated, whole-processtracking covering various phases such as investment attraction planning,signing, project reserves, pre-project examination and approval, constructionimplementation, and completion and acceptance and whole-process managementshall be conducted.

34. Court of Pilot Free Trade Zone: we shall set up anarbitration institution and a court in the Pilot Free Trade zone to improve thelegal environment.

— To Support the Bidding for Free Trade Port

Innovation of Supervision System (7 Articles)

35. Electronic Purse Seine + Internet + ClassifiedManagement: we shall accelerate the retrofitting of the monitoring equipmentsin the customs special supervision zone, explore a new monitoring mode of “electronicpurse seine + internet + classified supervision”, and enhance the supervisionefficiency in the zone.

36. Control First Tier and Release Second Tier: a newsupervision mode of “control first tier and release second tier of cross-bordere-commerce bonded inventory shall be created, and Dalian Cross-BorderE-Commerce Comprehensive Pilot Area Bonded Inventory Monitoring Center shall beestablished.

37. Direct Access to Vehicles and Shore Side StraightTransfer: the supervision process of direct access to cold chain logisticsvehicles and shore side straight transfer shall be further optimized, rapidinspection of imported fresh products shall be conducted, a new cold chainsupervision process shall be recreated, the development of cold chain transitand entrepot trade shall be promoted, and Dalian Cold Chain Transit Base shallbe established.

38. Bonded Mixed Oil and Multiple-Supply of One Boat: weshall enhance the functions of Dalian Bonded Oil Supply Base and explore theconstruction of ship bonded material supply base.

39. Bonded Warehousing and of Transit Imported Cars: weshall expand the scale of bonded warehousing of imported cars, explore therefitting business of imported cars, and promote the development of importedcar transit and entrepot trade.  

40. International Transit LCL: relying on the advantages ofChina-Europe Trains and sea-railway combined transportation, we shall attractthe transit and entrepot trade of Japanese and South Korean cargoes to Dalianand promote the development of international transit LCL of containers.

41. Cross-Border E-Commerce Public Testing Platform: an “internet+” cross-border e-commerce public testing platform shall be established, thebuilding of traceability system of cross-border goods shall be promoted, andthe whole-process quality safety management and risk control of imported goodsshall be reinforced.

To Explore While Bidding (2 Articles)

42. In-depth Research and Scientific Planning: we shallconduct an in-depth study on free trade port supervision system, offshore tradesystem, offshore financial system, international shipping system, tax system,and management mechanism. We shall use international standards as the benchmarkand make regional industrial plan and regulatory plan in the framework of freetrade port.

43. To Start the Construction of Quasi-Free Port: As perthe mechanism design of free trade port, we shall use offshore trade as a sallyport and start the preparation and construction of the quasi-free port ofBeiliang Port.

To Deepen the Implementation of the 53 Innovative Measuresand Spare No Effort to Promote the 43 New Measures

We shall continue to implement Innovative Measures 1.0 anddo a good job in the construction of key projects to guarantee the successfulbidding for free trade port.