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Dalian Free Trade Zone Speeds up Institutional Innovation

Dalian Free Trade Zone Speeds up Institutional Innovationand Creates an International Business Environment 

Since Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zonehung out its shingle, Dalian Free Trade Zone has accelerated the pace ofinstitutional innovation, concertedly promoted streamline administration,institute decentralization, coordination between power delegation andsupervision, and service optimization, and constantly deepened the building ofmodern service-oriented government.

At present, Dalian Free Trade Zone has initiated threeinnovative measures of “three mutual” port customs clearance, classified staredecisis and bonded mixed ore. 53 innovative measures have been carried out to “supportthe building of the Pilot Free Trade Zone”, and 115 advanced experiences havebeen replicated. 27 innovation systems including commitment to inform, joint review,quality credit, renting instead of constructing, lease before transfer,architects to be responsible and carrying projects before hanging out theshingle have been launched, which are the first in the Northeast. “Singlewindows” providing transparent and efficient administrative services withinside-outside equal rights and rights-responsibilities correspondence areopened in the free trade hall, through which the approval time has been reducedby 60% and “one-day-finish” registration of enterprises and “one-net-done” of openingbank accounts are realized.

Besides the measures above, in the aspect of taxation, DalianFree Trade Zone has built a “hexa-functional” website of Dalian MunicipalOffice of SAT and Dalian Local Taxation Bureau with functions of online tax collection,reservation service, tax-related inquiries, training and counseling,consultation and complaint, video animation propaganda and informationdownloading and opened a 24-h self-service tax hall combining the services ofboth State Taxation and Local Taxation, which has provided taxpayers with greatconvenience.

In order to provide full services toenterprises, Economic Development and Statistic Bureau of Dalian Free TradeZone invites industrial enterprises above state designated scale to have informaldiscussions on a regular basis, and provides nanny-like service and assistance concerningbank-enterprise docking, policy consultation and product docking, and the enterprisesactively respond.