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Remarkable Results Are Achieved by Implementing National Major Strategic Deployment

The year of 2017 is bound to be an important year in Dalian’shistory of reform and opening up. At the same time as Dalian Area of China(Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone hangs out its shingle, a series of nationalmajor strategic deployment tasks are unfolded in front of Dalian people,concerning the construction of the pilot zones of new systems for developing anopen economy, the establishment of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilotarea and the development of state-level new area. Over the past year, Dalianpeople were keen on reform and made bold innovations and have left an indeliblemark in the history of Dalian’s development. 

Dalian Enters “Free Trade Era” and Gains a Brilliant Start inthe Beginning Year

April 10, 2017, Dalian Area of China (Liaoning) Pilot Free TradeZone officially hung out its shingle. 2 months later, Comprehensive ServiceHall of Dalian Area of China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone was put intotrial operation, all the administrative service items that should be done inthe hall entered the hall, relevant intermediary service agencies entered theentity platform and the online platform, and “one-stop” administrative servicescovering investment, registration, tax payment and customs clearance arerealized through setting up four “single windows” of international trade,market access, cross-border investment and foreigner service. Its servicescharacterized by “inside-outside equal rights, rights-responsibilitiesequality, transparency and efficiency” have been affirmed by the country.

Nowadays, a series of innovative service measures are pioneeredin the Comprehensive Service Hall of Dalian Area, such as waiting-to-be-calledand name verification on WeChat, “no veto in window”, “acceptance of cases withimperfect paperwork” and “enterprise commitment system”, and the efficiency hasbeen remarkably enhanced. With the notion of “data run more and enterprises runless”, the service experience of staff has been greatly optimized. On “theonline free trade financial service platform”, it only takes 10 minutes forenterprises to open a bank account, and a series of tax facilitation measureshave been carried out and 24-hour self-service tax management has beenrealized.

Dalian Pilot Free Trade Zone has been invigorated by thesepioneered system innovations. In the past 8 months, Dalian Area hasstrengthened its communication and cooperation with Shanghai in such areas asports, shipping and logistics, replicated 149 pieces of innovative experience ofShanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone, coordinated central, provincial and municipaldepartments and launched 89 supportive policy measures, and implemented 66reform initiatives of its own. The first batch of 7 system innovation resultssuch as classified stare decisis, “three mutual” customs clearance and bondedmixed ore have already been popularized in the country, which provides valuable“Dalian experience” for the construction of China’s pilot free trade zones.

The rapid development of Dalian Pilot Free Trade Zone hasstimulated the enthusiasm of domestic and foreign investors to settle in thearea. As of the end of November 2017, 4769 enterprises are newly registered inDalian Area with a total registered capital of 59.008 billion CNY, among which4691 are domestic-funded enterprises with registered capital of 56.204 billionCNY, 78 are foreign-funded enterprises with registered capital of 457 millionUSD, and 119 enterprises have registered capital of more than 100 million CNYand their total registered capital is 31.032 billion CNY. 24 financialinstitutions have settled in Dalian Area successively and launched newcross-border financial products, which provides wider financing channels, lowerfinancing costs and more diversified “going global” financial services to theenterprises within its jurisdiction; the Pilot Free Trade Zone has signed morethan 50 major projects, and the construction of a batch of major projectsincluding Financial Industrial Park, Deta Pioneer Park and Koushin EquipmentManufacturing Exhibition Center has been accelerated; 27 000 TEUs have beendelivered by China-Europe trains with year-on-year growth of 113%; 9000parallel-import cars have been imported, ranking No. 2 among all the 11 PilotFree Trade Zones in the country.

A New System of Open Economy Is Formulated and the PilotExperience is Popularized in the Country

The establishment of a new system of open economy is a nationalstrategic task our city undertakes as well as an exploration task ofcomprehensive reform the Central Party Committee and the State Council giveLiaoning Province to encourage independent exploration. Since the pilot projectstarted, according to the official announcement in Jin Pu New Area PilotProgram issued by the Ministry of Commerce and National Development and ReformCommission, Jin Pu New Area has pinpointed 7 key tasks and 24 reform measures,sorted out 102 tasks in a “work list” in combination with the construction ofthe Pilot Free Trade Zone, and confirmed specific tasks that can be assessed,evaluated and implemented. 23 units take their responsibilities for the tasks,and so far more than 90% is going on smoothly.

 While undertaking the pilot work of building a new openeconomic system, Jin Pu New Area has also taken the tasks of building DalianArea of Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone, Shenyang-Dalian Self-dependentInnovation Demonstration Area and Cross-border E-commerce Pilot City. Incombination with the advantages of the pilot and test zone, Jin Pu New Areaintegrates the work that is closely related to opening up such as scientificand technological innovation and system innovation into the test zone of thepilot zone, and has achieved the mutual support, complementary advantages andjoint development of the Pilot Test, Free Trade Zone and Self-dependentInnovation Demonstration Area through unified deployment, and simultaneousplanning and proceeding.

In the mid-term assessment of the State Council on all the pilotzones and test zones in the country, Dalian achieved good results. Thenafterwards, the Ministry of Commerce and 12 other ministries and commissionsgeneralized the first batch of 24 pieces of typical experience and modes of thepilot & test zones in the whole country, and 4 pieces of typical experienceof Jin Pu New Area were popularized in the country including overalldevelopment of “six ones” project, coordinated opening-up mechanism of specialfunctional zones, the implementation of comprehensive administrative lawenforcement system reform and new market entity supervision mode using big data.And the number of its shared experience was among the best in all the 12 pilot& test regions.

Cross-border E-commerce Radiates the Northeast and A Brand NewOpportunity for Development Comes

In 2017, in accordance with the development concept of “onearea, multiple parks, various alliances”, Dalian has accelerated the perfectionof the layout of cross-border e-commerce in the Northeast and has formulated a “resource-sharing,win-win” regional supply chain system and sales network with Dalian as theleader and Northeast as its hinterland, radiating North and Northwest China andleading to Northeast Asia. At present, Jin Pu New Area has introduced more than1100 e-commerce enterprises, more than 220 offline experience stores arerunning in different places, and the Cross-border Commodity Exhibition andTrading Center, which is located in Dalian Free Trade Zone, has been put intooperation. Through the O2O operation mode of “offline exhibition and tradingcenter + online purchase platform”, the customers can buy the commodities inthe center and take them away or log into ICBC cross-border e-commerce platformcalled “e Purchase” to order and then the goods will be mailed to their home,and thus the customers can buy low-price original cross-border goods at home.

At the end of last year, with the support of departments likeCustoms and Inspection and Quarantine, the business of cross-border e-commercebonded inventory started in Dalian Free Trade Zone. The utilization of thisbusiness mode totally changed the situation that the cross-border e-commerce enterpriseof our city had relied on southern customs to import foreign goods, effectivelylowered the logistics costs, accelerated the delivery speed, and significantlyenhance the market competitiveness of Dalian’s cross-border e-commerceenterprises, thanks to lower goods price. Even better, on December 7 last year,the cross-border e-commerce retail import regulation transition period policiesofficially issued by the Ministry of Commerce covered Dalian, and thedevelopment of Dalian’s cross-border e-commerce now is faced with a greatopportunity. According to experts’ predict, the development of Dalian’scross-border e-commerce will surge in a new round of “blowout period” thisyear.

By Deepening the Reform of “Decentralization, Management andService” the New Area Creates a First-Class Investment Zone

In 2017, the business environment of Jin Pu New Area has beenconstantly improved. With the goal of building an investment destination whichis No. 1 in Northeast China and among the first class in the whole country, JinPu New Area has undertaken the key tasks in business environment construction. Theyhave implemented new service measures of “examination and approval GPS” and “same-cityfree delivery” and broadened the joint-examination green channels of keyprojects; to realize multi-zone and multi-policy joint action, they haveformulated the Strategic Plan for “Multi-Regulations-in-One” SpatialDevelopment of Jin Pu New Area, and the “Multi-Regulations-in-One” planhighlighted by “one plan”, “one drawing”, “one platform” and “one mechanism”has been smoothly implemented ever since; the examination and approval processof infrastructure projects sponsored by financial investment has beenoptimized; on the basis of “five certificates one stamp, one license one code”,certificates and licenses involved in filing such as the account openinglicense and the registration form for foreign trade manager are combined in onebusiness license, “26 certificates in one, one license one code” has beenrealized, and the reform initiatives are always at the top in the city and evenin the province.

Through the reform of “decentralization, management and service”which emphasizes in-course and afterwards supervision, the service efficiencyof the government of Jin Pu New Area has been constantly improved. They are thefirst to explore “internet + government service” mode in the whole province andhave established online service hall and 24-hour electronic government;enterprise investment project commitment system has been popularized in thewhole country; “acceptance of imperfect paperwork” in registration andexamination and approval has been implemented, government-bank cooperation hasbeen strengthened, and thus a market system with “the fewest examination andapproval items, the shortest approval time, the most strict in-course andafterwards supervision and the best government service” is forming.

The constant improvement of investment environment has greatlyinvigorates the markets in Jin Pu New Area. As of November 24 of last year,24274 market entities are newly established in Jin Pu New Area accounting for24.2% of the total number of the city with year-on-year growth of 48.56%, amongwhich 11366 are enterprises accounting for 32.7% of the total number of thecity with year-on-year growth of 50.4%. (Source: Dalian Daily)