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Issues 28 Pieces of Opinions on Supporting the Innovative Development of Free Trade Zones

Ministry ofCommerce of the People’s Republic of China Issues 28 Pieces of Opinions onSupporting the Innovative Development of Free Trade Zones


Commerce Departments of Tianjin,Liaoning, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Henan, Hubei, Chongqing,Sichuan and Shaanxi,

The construction of pilot free trade zones (hereinafter referredto as PFTZs) is a strategic measure of the Party Central Committee and theState Council to comprehensively deepen reform and expand opening-up. In orderto implement the new requirements and new deployments of the report deliveredat the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Ministry ofCommerce will support the further deepening of reform and opening-up and the innovativedevelopment of PFTZs. Hereby the following opinions are given:

To Promote the Transformation of Foreign Tradefrom Quantitative Expansion to Qualitative Enhancement

1. To support PFTZs to actively expand foreign trade, acceleratethe cultivation of new business types and new trade modes, and support PFTZs todevelop cross-border e-commerce.

2. To support eligible commodity markets in PFTZs to undertake thepilot work of market purchase trade.

3. To launch policies and measures through research to supportthe development of foreign trade integrated service enterprises, and supportthe development of foreign trade integrated service enterprises in PFTZs.

4. To cancel the verification of the operation state and productioncapacity of processing trade enterprises in PFTZs through research, andsteadily promote the pilot work of processing trade bonded maintenance inPFTZs.

5. To support the paperless operation of customs clearanceconcerning import and export license in eligible PFTZs to further reducecustoms clearance time and improve customs clearance efficiency.

6. To support PFTZs to actively develop technology trade,cultural trade, service outsourcing and Chinese medicine service trade, andimplement direct statistics report among service trade enterprises in PFTZs.

7. To support PFTZs to promote, through research, the orderlyinvolvement of service trade items in the building of international trade “singlewindow”.

8. To support PFTZs to gradually eliminate or relax therestrictive measures on service trade concerning cross-border delivery andmovement of natural persons, promote the process of opening up in an orderlymanner, and take the lead in exploring the establishment of early warning mechanismfor opening-up risks in service areas.

To Constantly Optimize Business Environment     

9. To coordinate relevant departments to further reduce thenegative list of foreign investment in PFTZs, mainly focusing on the orderlyopening up in service industries such as finance, education, culture andmedical industry, and to further open up general manufacturing industry.

10. To support PFTZs with the building of innovative investmentpromotion system, and establish high-level investment promotion systems interms of organization structuring, arrangement planning, function positioning,modes of investment attraction, and post-investment services.

11. To encourage PFTZs to build scientific business environment evaluationsystems, further optimize government services and create a law-based,international, facilitation-enhanced business environment.

To Improve the Market Operation Mechanism

12. To support qualified PFTZs to carry out the pilot work ofparallel-import cars, and establish multi-channel, diversified automobilecirculation modes.

13. To support PFTZs to provide work guidance for carrying outbulk commodity spot trading, establish and improve rules and regulations,strengthen risk prevention and promote the construction of platforms for bulkcommodity spot trading and resource allocation.

14. To support the cities where the PFTZs are located to conductpilot demonstration of supply chain innovation and application, improve thesupply chain systems of local key industries and traceability systems of majorproducts, cultivate demonstration enterprises of supply chain innovation andapplication, and build demonstration platforms for cross-sector, cross-fieldsupply chain coordination, trading and services.

15. To support PFTZs to strengthen the building of commerceintegrity systems, and carry out cross-sector joint rewards and punishment. Toenhance supervision in the course and afterwards, and improve the ability andlevel of commerce administrative law enforcement.

16. To support the logistics standardization and unitizationconstruction of PFTZs, and to promote the coordinated development of logisticschain and industrial chain and supply chain.

17. To support PFTZs to vigorously develop digital commerceservice industry, and to promote the coordinated development of e-commerce andexpress logistics.

18. To support PFTZs to further improve the import and exportmanagement of dual-use items in the framework of existing laws and regulations.

19. To guide and support the construction of industrial earlywarning systems, trade remedy and trade friction response of PFTZs.

20. To guide PFTZs to play a cooperative role in anti-monopolyinvestigation of concentration of undertakings.

To Actively Participate in International Economic and TradeCooperation

21. To bring multi-lateral economic and trade cooperationmechanism into full play, to promote PFTZs to enhance international trade andinvestment cooperation. To further deepen the economic and trade communicationand cooperation between PFTZs and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Maucao.

22. To support PFTZs to innovate overseas investment managementmodes, and study the regulatory measures for domestic non-financial enterprisesto conduct overseas financial investment and natural persons to make overseasinvestment through overseas enterprises they control.

23. To support enterprises in PFTZs to get qualifications toundertake foreign-aid projects; to apply for foreign-aid project undertakingqualification in accordance with relevant rules, encourage enterprises to carryout contracted projects, labor services, overseas investment cooperation andpersonnel training and exchange to promote the “going global” of enterprises,products, technologies and services.

24. To support enterprises in PFTZs to participate in theimplementation of major strategic projects, promote international productioncapacity cooperation and interconnection with relevant countries, and betterparticipate in the Belt and Road construction.

To Strengthen Organizational Guarantee

25. To exert the planning and coordinating role of theInter-ministerial Joint Conference (hereinafter referred to as JointConference) Office of the State Council for Pilot Free Trade Zone Work, workwith relevant departments and local governments to decentralize more economic administrationauthorities of central government and provincial government to PFTZs, and endowPFTZs with greater autonomy in reform.

26. To work with relevant departments, and provincial andmunicipal governments to implement the overall plan of PFTZs; for the problemsin the development of PFTZs, to coordinate relevant departments for study and resolutionin time, and major issues shall be brought to the Joint Conference forconsideration.

27. To timely summarize and assess the implementation effects ofthe reform and innovation tasks of PFTZs, and strengthen the systematicintegration of pilot experiences in various fields. For results with goodeffects and controllable risks, which can be copied ad popularized, toimplement classified inspection procedure, and then copy and expand them to therest of the country.

28. Relevant provincial and municipal commerce departments shallsupport PFTZs to explore targets based on strategic positioning anddifferentiation and to make bold moves and change autonomously, formulatematching policies and measures, steadily promote the implementation of variouspilot tasks in the field of commerce, and actively support the innovative developmentof PFTZs.



             Ministry of Commerce of the People’sRepublic of China

                     December 17, 2017