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Enterprises in China (Dalian) Pilot Free Trade Zone: Easier Tax Payment, More Business Order

Since China (Dalian) Free Trade Zone formally unveiledits nameplate on April 10 2017, 6257 enterprises are newly registered in DalianPilot Free Trade Zone, bringing more new industry information and managementmodes to the development of Dalian. Soon Dalian Pilot Free Trade Zone will beone year old. In the past year, with the implementation of 10 innovativemeasures for service of Dalian Municipal Office of SAT such as self-servicetaxation, paperless export rebates and diversified tax payment, and simpleprocedure, quick service and orderly taxation has become the “tag” of the PilotFree Trade Zone.

Easier Tax Payment, Effective Measures for QuickerTaxation

        Mou Yan is a“regular” of SAT, and her company — TDC Cutting tools Inc. — is an enterprisein the Zone with independent R&D capacities. Due to frequent updating oftechnologies, her company could enjoy more and more tax preference, whichhowever had put Mou in a dilemma — it was too much trouble to fill in thepreferential tax information form! For example, to fill in the column of “policyreference”, she had to choose from more than 300 items, and one carelessmistake would lead to repeated correctness of the form. In May 2017, Mou noticedthat the information form was “missing”. According to explanation, in order to letenterprises in the Zone enjoy tax preference in a more convenient manner,Dalian Municipal Office of SAT had made a lot of efforts to streamline thetaxation procedure and initiatively introduced the “tax preference items filland report system”, and from then on Mou only had to put in the taxpayeridentification number and name, choose item name and select beginning andending time, and after the three steps the filing would be finished. “Quick,steady and accurate”! Mou gave a thumb up to the tax staff that was helping hercomplete the procedure.

Dalian Municipal Office of SAT has also launched a seriesof new measures to simplify process, reduce documents and increase efficiencybased on the characteristics and needs of enterprises. In terms of process simplification,since all of the enterprises in Dalian Pilot Free Trade zone were registerednot long ago, SAT allowed them to “declare autonomously”, and enterprises thatare still preparing and don't’ have tax-related business don’t have to declarenow. In terms of documents reduction, in view of the large number of the enterprisesand the fact that some enterprises have their legal persons in other cities,SAT has continuously improved the “integrated export rebate service platform”to ensure all export rebates can be handled through the platform and realizefull-process paperless handling of export rebates. In terms of efficiencyenhancement, SAT has introduced self-service taxation.

Any tax payer who wants to consult tax staff abouttaxation can consult with the department in charge of taxation in Dalian PilotFree Trade Zone — Dalian Development Zone Office of SAT.

Quicker Solution, Better Service

As tax handling is more and more convenient, how can the “difficultmiscellaneous diseases” be cured? Thanks to the newly introduced and improvedtaxation policies such as customs supervision area general taxpayer policy,companies’ operating costs have been reduced and their confidence for developmenthas been boosted. However, newly registered enterprises in the Zone often havequestions about what kind of policies they can enjoy and how to enjoy thesepolicies. Dalian Municipal Office of SAT improves the efficiency of coachingthrough “customized service” and expands the coverage of counseling throughinformation-based approach to ensure that the incentive effects of the taxpolicies are maximized.

Zhang Guiying, a personal accountant, does the taxationof six companies in the Pilot Free Trade Zone. While waiting, she is studyingthe taxation policy Dalian Municipal Office of SAT publishes on WeChat on herphone. “The policy updates so fast, SAT’s interpretation comes out also very fast,WeChat public account, consultation group and live-broadcasting platform areall available and you can learn anywhere.” she said. Most of the enterprises inthe Zone have just started their business. With many questions and little time,on the basis of centralized training, SAT has constantly optimized networktraining and expanded the coverage of policies, so that the enterprises canthoroughly understand various tax policies.

On the basis of solving the common doubts of theenterprises, SAT has also introduced customized services to large enterprises,foreign trade enterprises and small and micro enterprises. In the Pilot FreeTrade Zone, due to the implementation of “customized training and coaching”,the questions of different kinds of enterprises can be rapidly solved byspecialized teams. As SAT figures out more refined and user-friendly approachesto solve the enterprises’ problems such as telephone appointment, delayedprocessing and on-the-spot service, the effectiveness of taxation services isbecoming increasingly prominent.

More Order in Operation, More Confidence in Business

The continuously increasing new enterprises in the PilotFree Trade Zone have brought new functions to the development of local economy.So how can be guide the enterprises in the Zone to use their wisdom and exertcluster power and how can we plant the phoenix tree of Pilot Free Trade Zone toattract more phoenixes? Dalian Municipal Office of SAT has constantly explorednew management models and actively exerted the two-way supervisioneffectiveness of enterprises and tax authorities to provide a fair and justlegal taxation environment for the Pilot Free Trade Zone.

Zhang Sheng, head of Dalian Jin Pu New Area ComprehensiveEnergy Market Co., Ltd., is very excited talking about his delegatedsupervision agreement with SAT, “Investment attraction has become morenormative, and we’ve become more confident in our business.” It is learnt thatZhang Sheng’s company is one of the trading platforms in the Pilot Free TradeZone. As the “bridge” between hundreds of member units and consumers, theselection of merchants is crucial to the development of the platform, andguarding the entry is also an effective approach for optimizing the business environmentof the Zone.

According to the introduction of the tax staff withDalian Development Zone Office of SAT, SAT has used a two-way supervision modeto help enterprises reduce tax-related risks. It is regulated in the delegatedsupervision agreement that platform enterprises shall start with investmentattraction, optimize and standardize the member units of the platform throughex ante screening, in-process examination and ex post prevention and control,and at the same time establish internal management mechanism and formulate companymanagement regulations which shall be submitted to tax authorities to be filed;tax authorities shall provide training service to platform enterprises forinformation examination, and help the enterprises select member units andimprove the quality of their member companies. “Now it has become fairer to dobusiness. More and more high-quality enterprises choose to join our platform.We sure have a promising future!” said Zhang Sheng.

Source of information:China.com.cn