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The Project of International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park Starts

The Project of InternationalInnovation and Entrepreneurship Park Starts in China (Dalian) Pilot Free TradeZone


April 10, the project of International Innovation and EntrepreneurshipPark and Northeast Asia Youth Training Base started in China (Dalian) PilotFree Trade Zone.

International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park andNortheast Asia Youth Training Base of Dalian Pilot Free Trade Zone is locatedin DD Port, with a building area of 240 000 square meters, built and ran byDalian DD High-Tech Industrial Development Co., Ltd., and is an internationalinnovation and entrepreneurship park built for the purpose of enhancing thehigh-efficiency integration of science, technology, finance, trade and industryand promoting the connection between multiple factors such as talents, capital,technology and knowledge.

Relying on the existing industrial incubators of DalianDD High-Tech including Bio-Pharmaceutical Innovation Incubator, 3-DimentionalPrinting Demonstration Base, Cross-Border E-Commerce Industrial Park andNational Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Industry Public Service Platform, thePark focuses on the implementation of 6411 projects: to work with internationalcross-border technology project operation agencies such as Yunwang Technologiesand Poland Zortrax to build 6 overseas innovation centers in the United States,Israel, Britain, Poland, Japan and South Korea; to work with domestic andforeign professional institutions to build four business and innovation bases;to rely on the new policies and measures for the reform and innovation inDalian Pilot Free Trade Zone to encourage domestic well-known institutions toset up angel investment funds, venture capital funds, industrial investmentfunds and merger and acquisition funds, support the introduction ofinternational venture capital and institutions such as overseas angelinvestors, attract outstanding fund management talents in the world, promotethe integrated development of funds, create a first-class scientific andtechnological finance ecology, and form an innovative financial center thatgathers global resources; to organize the First Dalian Pilot Free Trade ZoneInternational Entrepreneurs Conference and hold a series of events such asInternational Makers’ Week, Entrepreneurship Competition, Industry Summit Forumand High-Level Academic Conference to attract international academicorganizations, innovation agencies and multinational corporations to exchangetheir scientific and technological information, enhance the influence of theinnovation and business activity of Dalian Pilot Free Trade Zone in the worldand create a high-end brand of Dalian Pilot Free Trade Zone; to deploy aservice chain around the innovation chain, establish a global-orientedscientific and technological achievements transfer system, accelerate thebuilding of a national center for technology transfer to the North, strengthen thecooperation with international business and innovation platforms, build aninternationally competitive technology service industry cluster, strengthen thecooperation with domestic and foreign universities, provide business educationand training to college students, carry out business guidance activities, andform a full-chain business and innovation service system.

Source of information:Liaoning Daily