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China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone Attracts 1568 Foreign Trade Enterprises to Settle Down

April 10 was the first anniversary of the opening ofShenyang, Dalian and Yingkou Pilot Free Trade Zone of China (Liaoning) PilotFree Trade Zone. The reported learnt from the press conference held by theProvincial Government News Office that in the past year all the customs in theprovince promoted the development of the Pilot Free Trade Zone through institutionalinnovations and continuously built an international business environment toattract enterprises to settle down, and 1568 foreign trade enterprises werenewly registered in the Pilot Free Trade Zone in the past year.

To support key industries is the main direction ofCustoms in supporting the development of Pilot Free Trade Zone. The strongfoundation of aviation industry is the development advantage of Shenyang PilotFree Trade Zone; however, as a well-known enterprise in repairing auxiliarypower units of aircraft engines in China, China Southern Airlines ShenyangMaintenance Base had been subject to the restriction that it could not enjoybonded policies for repairing parts. Shenyang Customs implemented a supervisionmode of “special supervision area + aircraft maintenance” and realized thecombination of bonded logistics and repair items. Through creating a convenientsupervision measure of “zone-port connection and coordinated supervision”, theoperation cost of the enterprise has been effectively reduced, the clearance timehas been shortened, and an increase of 20 million CNY has been added to theprofits of the enterprise. Shenyang Liming International Power Industry Co.,Ltd. had a large amount of idle production capacity in the integrated bondedarea but it could not accept orders from outside the area; Shenyang Customssought policy support from General Administration of Customs and successfullyhelped the enterprise use the system of “outsourced processing in the zone”, andthe growth points of the enterprise has surged. The enterprises has obtained atotal of about 1 billion CNY worth of aircraft engine parts processing ordersand earned processing fees of more than 95 million CNY.

Dalian Customs vigorously supported enterprises in usingspecial customs supervision policies, took the lead in carrying out bondedmixed-ore business in China, and effectively promoted the building of DalianNortheast Asia International Shipping Center. It is reported that the receiptof bonded mixed-ore on the ore terminal of Dalian Port has exceeded 103.3billion tons, accounting for 50% of the annual import volume of the oreterminal, with collected tax of 270 million CNY.

It is not only large enterprises and leading enterprisesthat benefit, but an extensive coverage is the pursuit of Liaoning Pilot FreeTrade Zone. Shenyang Customs changed the supervision mode of processing tradefrom considering the contract as the entity to considering the enterprise asthe entity to promote innovative development of processing trade and establisha new processing trade supervision mode. By establishing a unit consumptionreport system which is synchronous with enterprise production reality and adiversified write-off system, businesses like deep processing transit andbonded goods centralized domestic sales have been optimized, the procedure ofprocessing trade has been simplified, and the effectiveness of customssupervision has been improved.

Dalian Customs actively explores the utilization of “customsclassification intelligent guidance” service system and builds a “specialdeclaration channel for enterprises in Pilot Free Trade Zone throughintelligent guidance”, which remarkably shortens the time for customs clearanceand enhances port competitiveness and attraction. Recently, this institutionalinnovation has successfully gone through the evaluation of third-party agenciesand is replicated and promoted in the province.

Source of information:Liaoning Daily