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Dalian Port Issues a Certificate of Original State for Internationally Transshipped Frozen Goods

In order to accelerate the construction of Dalian Area ofLiaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone and support the development of Dayaowan’s internationaltransfer trade of aquatic products, from April this year, Dayaowan Entry-ExitInspection and Quarantine Bureau begins to issue original state certificate forfrozen goods transshipped to European countries via Dalian Port. Through thismeasure, the volume of Dayaowan’s transfer trade of frozen goods will befurther increased, and the development of cold chain logistics of Dalian FreeTrade Zone will be promoted.

June 2016, China’s first certificate of origin andsanitary certificate of internationally transshipped aquatic products wereissued at Dalian Port, and cold chain logistics enterprises represented byDalian Port Yidu Cold Chain Co., Ltd. saw the rapid development of internationaltransfer trade. In 2017, the volume of internationally transshipped aquaticproducts at Dayaowan Port approached 80 000 tons, nearly 5 times that of 2016.With the continuous expansion of international transit business, a dozen of EUcountries request new certificates over internationally transshipped frozengoods and ask China, Thailand, Japan, etc. to issue internationallytransshipped goods original state certificate to prove the goods haven’t gonethrough any processing, production or modification treatment includingunpacking, unfreezing, disassembling and secondary freezing during theirstorage in transit countries, and this certificate will be used as a credentialfor customs clearance in EU countries.

The issuance of the original state certificate at DalianPort will attract more foreign traders to choose Dayaowan Port as theirtransfer station, further improve the functions of Dalian Port, accelerate the developmentof Dalian International Cold Chain Logistics Center, and have a positiveinfluence on the building of Dalian International Shipping Center, LogisticsCenter and Trade Center as well as the development of cold chain logisticsindustry of the Northeast.