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“Thirty Two Documents in One” Is Implemented in Business Registration from Next Month

From July 1 this year, the degree offacilitation of enterprise registration will be further upgraded in ourprovince, on the basis of the original “twenty six documents in one”, ourprovince will fully implement the policy of “thirty two documents in one”. OnJune 21, at the press conference with the theme of business environmentoptimization held at the Information Office of the Provincial Government,Administration for Industry & Commerce of Liaoning and Liaoning Food andDrug Administration introduced a series of measures to reduce documents andbenefit enterprises.

“Multiple documents in one” is animportant measure for the reform of registration system. Since our provincebegan to implement the registration mechanism of “twenty six documents in one”on October 1 last year, as of the end of May this year, our province has issueda total of 835 000 business licenses under the policy of “multiple documents inone, one license one number”, which benefits a great number of market entities.At present, the Administration for Industry & Commerce of our province isworking with relevant departments to combine more registration items into “multipledocuments in one”.

In addition to the reform of “multipledocuments in one”, in order to deepen the reform of commercial system, the Administrationfor Industry & Commerce of our province has continuously promoted thereform of whole-process electronic enterprise registration. October 1 lastyear, our province launched a uniform paperless whole-process electronicregistration system, and market entities were able to get related registrationservices without leaving their workplace. As of the end of May this year, theentire province had accepted a total of 57 700 applications for onlineregistration, accounting for 4.3% of the total acceptance of registrationapplication.

In order to effectively improve theefficiency of whole-process electronic registration, May 11, the Administrationfor Industry & Commerce of our province along with 8 commercial banks inLiaoning Province launched a joint campaign to promote the reform ofwhole-process electronic registration in the area of industry and commerce andcarry out one-stop whole-process electronic industrial and commercialregistration at banking outlets. Next step, our province will promote theintegration of whole-process electronic system and government service platformand supervision platform to enhance the joint operation of all services,improve and simplify operating system, gradually realize “zero-face-to-face”registration and benefit enterprises and the masses to a greater extent.

In addition, in order to further reducethe start-up time of enterprises, the Administration for Industry &Commerce of our province has communicated and discussed with variousdepartments and clarified that on the basis of information sharing alldepartments shall realize “one window acceptance, backstage circulation,one-time application, entire-process settled” and reduce the three links ofregistration, stamp carving and taxation into within 3.5 workdays.

Also the reporter learned at the pressconference that Liaoning Food and Drug Administration had taken a number ofmeasures to reduce documents and facilitate enterprises and the masses andpromoted the implementation of “internet + government services” since thebeginning of this year. As of the end of May, the Food and Drug Administrationhad accepted 85 whole-process online-handled matters, among which 32 had beensettled. In comparison with the statutory time limit the average increase ofspeed was 68%, and in comparison with one month before the approval speed hadbeen increased by 20 percentage points.

In order to improve the efficiency ofadministrative examination and approval and solve the problem of long approvalcycle enterprises (especially drug companies) paid most attention to, LiaoningFood and Drug Administration had put forward 4 new measures. The technicalreview system for filing-related matters had been canceled: the contents andlinks of technical review of all filing-related matters that involved “drugs,foods, health-foods, cosmetics and medical apparatus and instruments” as wellas their production, marketing and application had been canceled; a system of combinedexamination and approval of some matters had been implemented: themanufacturing license and GMP certificate of drugs are combined, the renewal ofthe trading license and the inspection of the GSP certificate of drugs arecombined to realize “one-time acceptance, one-time examination and one-timeapproval”; the system of “acceptance in case of lack of non-crucial materials”had been implemented: so far 92 license applications had been accepted underthis system, and the efficiency of administrative licensing had beeneffectively improved; the system of “responsible administrator” had beenimplemented: the administrator is the responsible person who is responsible forthe treatment of related matters during the whole process and for coordinationand service until the matter was completed.

The relevant person in charge ofLiaoning Food and Drug Administration said that in order to ensure theimplementation of all service matters, quarterly training about professional standardswill be conducted, supervision and inspection over the implementation of thesystem of business environment construction will becarried out, behaviors that impact business environment will be dealt with in atimely manner, and administrative staff who affect business environment will bepunished.

Source: Liaoning Daily