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A New System of Open Economy Is Designed and a Highland of Opening-up and Cooperation Is Built
      As the leader of opening up to the outside world in the Northeast, our city is committed to comprehensively improving the level of opening up and fully building a highland of opening-up and cooperation surrounding the design of a new system of open economy and the establishment of a new pattern of overall opening. The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce that since the beginning of 2018 in the course of carrying out the special action of “emphasizing action, strengthening execution and focusing on implementation”, our city has combined investment attraction, talent attraction and technology attraction to enhance the quality and efficiency of foreign capital utilization, actively cultivated new advantages in foreign trade competition surrounding quality and efficiency and deeply integrated into the building of the Belt and Road and quicken the pace of “going out”. 
      The quality and efficiency of foreign capital utilization has been enhanced in an all-round way. Several Policies and Measures for Opening Wider to the Outside World and Actively Utilizing Foreign Capital has been issued and systematic investment promotion policies with the strongest support for foreign capital, the widest coverage and the best contents since the beginning of reform and opening up of our city have been put forward. Investment attraction activities in Japan, the United States, South Korea, Canada, France, Bulgaria and other countries are in elaborate preparation. Through participating in Japan Local Banks Economic and Trade Conference, Sino-Italian Small and Medium Enterprises Economic and Trade Cooperation Conference and Summer Davos in Tianjin, our cooperation with world-famous enterprises and economic organizations in finance, health care, petrochemical, information technology and new energy has been promoted. 
      Large-scale foreign investment projects have shown obvious leading effects. According to the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, it is estimated that there will be 16 projects with actual inflow of foreign investment of more than 10 million USD in 2018, amounting to 2.4 billion USD and accounting for 91.5% of the city’s total. The capital increase and production expansion of some advanced manufacturing projects such as Pfizer and Panasonic Automotive Energy have promoted the transformation and upgrading of the traditional advantageous industries in our city. 

      New advantages in foreign trade competition have been cultivated and new business forms and models in foreign trade have been developed. The implementation and effectiveness of foreign trade policies have been enhanced to give all-round support for foreign trade enterprises to adjust the structure, change the impetus and stabilize the growth. More efforts have been made to build foreign trade enterprise incubators and presently the 14 incubators have attracted 283 enterprises to settle in. The development scale of the export industrial cluster in foreign trade has been expanded, the industrial chain has been extended, and Zhuanghe aquatic products and Pulandian suits have been confirmed as national-level foreign trade transformation and upgrading bases. Parallel import of cars has been vigorously promoted, and the number of pilot enterprises is increased from 5 to 10. Our mission of participating in the 1st China International Import Expo has been successfully accomplished and the 16th China International Software and Information Service Fair with the theme of “Software Defines the Intelligent New Age” has been successfully held.  

      Trade facilitation has been promoted. The joint action of customs, inspection and quarantine, taxation and trade has been enhanced, 122 pieces of experience that can be replicated and popularized and innovative measures have been launched, and the “single window” function of international trade has been spread to nine fields of business covering all business links in customs clearance. The comprehensive coverage of “single window” in business handling ranks second in the country. “Instant pass” characterized by online customs declaration and inspection declaration and “released as examined” has been realized in 80% of the inspection items, the cost of customs clearance has been reduced by 10% on average, and the offline processing time of international trade has been cut by 1/3. More than 10 pieces of experience in institutional innovation, which are the first in China, have been formed. 

      The structure of foreign trade has been optimized continuously. In the first 11 months of last year, the export value of general trade increases by 10.6% year on year, which is 3.4 percentage points higher than the city’s export growth, and the export value of private enterprises increases by 14.6% year on year, which is 7.4 percentage points higher than the city’s export growth. 
      Our city is deeply integrated into the building of the Belt and Road and the pace of advantageous industries, excellent enterprises and quality products to “go out” has been quickened. In the first 11 months of last year, the countries along the Belt and Road have invested 15 projects, with China’s agreed investment of 523 million USD which accounts for nearly 70% of the total value of China’s agreed investment. Oriental Fisheries (Dalian) Co., Ltd. invested 484 million USD to develop 20 000 hectares of sea area in Russian Primorsky Territory with Russian enterprises, which has become the biggest “Belt and Road” investment project of our city. Djibouti Free Trade Zone opens, whose construction Dalian Port Group has participated in, and that is the first case of our city participating in the building of overseas economic and trade cooperation zones. The building of the core carrier city of the “16+1” economic and trade cooperation demonstration zone has been fully started, the Presentation Meeting for Investment and Cooperation with Japan has been successfully held, and economic and trade activities have been carried out in Czech, Poland and Greece to effectively introduce China-Central and Eastern Europe (Dalian) Advanced Manufacturing Industrial Park and Dalian Manna Czech Industrial Park. 

      Source: Dalian Daily