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SINOTRANS LCL Operation Platform Lands in Dalian Free Trade Zone
      Recently, the press conference of SINOTRANS LCL operation platform with the theme of “SINOTRANS E-LCL Link the Globe” was held in Dalian, marking that SINOTRANS LCL operation platform entered the stage of national operation from regional operation. 

      SINOTRANS Liaoning Co., Ltd. is one of the oldest international freight forwarding agent companies in China. Relying on the strong strength of the parent company, after the LCL operation platform lands, with its rich experience in LCL operation and high market share, SINOTRANS Liaoning Co., Ltd. will continues improving the service functions of its new products through intelligentization, standardization and normalization, expand and perfect its service network and work together with customers and suppliers to create a co-building, interdependent, sharing and inclusive LCL logistics ecosystem. 

      The “SINOTRANS E-LCL” operation platform has integrated a variety of advantage services such as visual tracking, intelligent running and platform operating and can provide one-stop, home-to-abroad, online-offline LCL logistics service to customers relying on its “central warehouse + satellite warehouse” service network that covers all coastal regions and spreads to the inland. It is creating new service products and establishing a network platform through continuous and effective integration of superior resources. 

      After “SINOTRANS E-LCL” settles in Dalian, it will fully enjoy the preferential policies of customs integration and customs-inspection unification of the Pilot Free Trade Zone. At present, according to the requirement of high-quality development, Dalian Free Trade Zone is actively exploring a new “U” shape management model of “front line” reporting as per shipping bill, and copying the management experience of Hong Kong customs. With innovative measures like building a rapid green channel for inspection and quarantine of imported products based on agricultural products, aquatic products and foods of Japan, Dalian Free Trade Zone has provided a broader space for companies like SINOTRANS Liaoning Co., Ltd. to do new business.