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The Free Trade Zone’s Investment Promotion Conference Comes to a Successful Conclusion in Beijing

From September 25 to 26, Mayor Tan Chengxu leads a teamto Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region for investment promotion. Director Liu Aimin ofour district participates in the event along with related comrades.

On the morning of September 25, the city leaders met withBeijing Capital Agribusiness Group (CAG) to promote the project of CAG-DalianCross-Border Fresh Food Industrial Park. In 2016, Beijing Capital AgribusinessGroup invested 100 million CNY and built a 28 000-square meter NortheastImported Agricultural Product Distribution Center/Cross-Border E-CommerceTrading Center that is engaged in the business of logistics distribution ofimported agricultural products and fruits relying on the advantages of DalianPort and the green channel of imported agricultural product inspection andquarantine. Recently, CAG intends to use the advantages of cold-chainwarehousing and logistics of the Free Trade Zone and invest 50 million CNY tobuild Dalian Cross-Border Fresh Food Industrial Park, which is aimed atdeveloping into a cross-border fresh food trading center of Northeast Asia. Atthe same time, the status quo that there is only warehousing and logisticswithout exhibition and trade will be changed ― on the basis of improving cargostorage, warehousing, distribution and delivery services, the settlement ofagricultural product trade will be increased through real product display, andsupply chain financial services will be provided to make a bigger contributionto the development of the region.

Mayor Tan said this project will benefit the baskets ofthe people of the city and provide the people with high-quality agriculturalproducts. The municipal government will vigorously support CAG to expand itsinvestment in Dalian to extend cold-chain logistics distribution center to thedepth, gather more enterprises through supply chain financial service and yieldmore trade transactions using the platform of CAG. After the conference,Director Liu Aimin and the responsible person of CAG exchanged their ideasaround innovating the mode of cross-border e-commerce and high value-added deepprocessing, adding a display function to existing warehousing distributionbases and making more efforts to attract foreign investment.

On the afternoon of September 26, the city leaders visitedthe headquarters of China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation(COFCO) to promote the landing of the COFCO soybean and corn processing projectin our district and discuss COFCO’s plan in Dalian on the basis of thecooperation between COFCO and Russia. The planned investment of COFCO soybeanprocessing project is 1 billion CNY, and its floor space is about 333 000square meters. After the first phase of the project is put into production, thegross value of production will arrive at 4.5 billion CNY per year.

After hearing the reports of the enterprises,Mayor Tan answered some of the questions raised by the enterprises and saidthat Dalian, as a shipping center and logistics center in Northeast Asia, hasits own unique advantages in geographical location and urban development, andcoinciding with the great opportunity of Sino-Russian trade and cooperationCOFCO is very welcome to carry out the soybean and corn deep processing projectin Dalian on the basis of her large-scale trade of soybeans and corn. It ishoped that the cooperation between Dalian and COFCO will be further deepenedrelying on its investment in Dalian Free Trade Zone and that the project willbe landed as soon as possible.