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Dalian Promotes the High-Level Construction of “Double-Pilot Area” Through 618 Major Projects

On September21, the Second Phase Project of Intel (Dalian) Nonvolatile Storage was officiallyput into operation in Dalian Jin Pu New Area, marking a new breakthrough inDalian’s cultivation and expansion of integrated circuit industry and theestablishment of a leading strategic emerging industrial cluster in China. Ledby the world-renowned Intel project, more and more upstream and downstreamenterprises have been attracted to settle in Dalian and have injected greatvitality into the building of Dalian “double-pilot area”.

Thanks to theconstruction of a series of large, inspiring and profound industrial projects includingIntel Second Phase Project, Hengli Refining and Chemical Project, HongyanheNuclear Power Second Phase Project, Goodyear Fifth Phase Project, GonaTechnology Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, Dalian’s fixed-assetinvestment continues to maintain a high growth. In the first seven months ofthis year, the fixed-asset investment of the city arrives at 101.48 billionCNY, with an increase of 14.5%. 618 projects have investment of more than 50million CNY each, and their total investment is 98.16 billion CNY increased by16.9%.

The high-levelconstruction of a pilot area with optimized industrial structure and developedeconomy and society shall rely on a series of large projects and good projects.Since the beginning of this year, Dalian City has taken high-qualitydevelopment as a fundamental requirement, conscientiously implemented thespecial action of “emphasizing action, strengthening execution and focusing onimplementation”, considered project construction as the lifeline for promotingthe development of the economy and society, firmly carried out new projects,and concentrated on the construction of the projects to resolutely completedthe goal of the year.

In order tocreate a thick atmosphere of project construction, starting from thetransformation of cadre work style, taking Shanghai as the benchmark andintegrating into the world, the business environment of Dalian has beenoptimized continuously. Such requirements are raised for work styletransformation in Dalian: going to the grass-roots units for survey, solvingthe practical difficulties at the front line of the projects, and looking up tobeing responsible and practical. On September 6, the main leaders of the fourmajor departments of Dalian Municipal Government conducted on-the-spotinspections and assessments on the project promotion work of the whole city,the project promotion meeting was turned into an on-site office meeting, andrelevant departments were asked to solve the difficulties and problems raisedby the enterprises, which strengthened the confidence of the enterprises fordevelopment. Dalian City also launched a “project service secretary” guaranteesystem and selected 378 “service secretaries” to provide services for majorprojects; the reform of “streamline administration and delegate more powers tolower-level governments and to society in general while improving regulationand optimizing service” was deepened, and “go to the service center only once”was realized for 492 matters that had entered the administrative servicecenter.

“Whoeverdamages the reputation of Dalian will be punished.” Dalian City is determinedto punish all behaviors that damage its business environment with zero tolerance.In the first half of this year, the discipline inspection and supervisionorgans of the city dealt with 33 cases of disrupting business environment,where 31 people were given party disciplinary punishment and government administrativepunishment and 2 people were left to related organizations for punishment.

With the landingof high-quality large projects, several industrial dragons have emerged inDalian in petrochemical, electronic information, naval architecture and oceanengineering, new energy, and high-end equipment manufacturing industries, whichhave become the backbone of real economy and consolidated the cornerstone ofhigh-quality development. In the first half of this year, the industrial addedvalue of enterprises above designated size of Dalian increased by 15%, whichwas 8.3 percentage points higher than the national level and ranked first amongall the sub-provincial cities nationwide; general public budget revenueincreased by 11.6%, which was 3.6 percentage points higher than the nationallevel and ranked sixth among all the sub-provincial cities nationwide; totalretail sales of consumer goods increased by 10.4%, which was 1 percentage pointhigher than the national level and ranked fourth among all the sub-provincial citiesnationwide.

Source:Liaoning Daily