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Realizes “One Window Acceptance” of Real Estate Registration and Tax Collection

Realizes “One Window Acceptance” ofReal Estate Registration and Tax Collection

        On December17, Dalian Free Trade Zone Real Estate Transaction Taxation ComprehensiveManagement Platform was officially launched, marking the realization of “onewindow acceptance” of real estate registration and property transaction taxcollection in Dalian Free Trade Zone, which was the first in Dalian City. Fromnow on, for tax-related real estate registration, citizens can “only enter onedoor and take one number”. Things can be done by submitting materials for onlyone time and full-payment commercial residential apartments will be readyinstantly.

According to the relevant person in charge at the realestate registration center and that of taxation department, the new taxationmode of “one window acceptance” has gotten rid of the red tape of “inquiring―accepting―tax-handling―tax-paying”in ownership transfer in commercial housing and second-hand housing. In thepast, two sets of acceptance materials that were basically the same needed tobe submitted in real estate registration and deed tax payment. Now, by onlygoing to the registration-taxation joint window at the real estate registrationcenter, you can apply for tax payment and ownership transfer registration atone time. Commercial housing real estate certificate and second-hand housingacceptance receipt can be acquired instantly, and the business processing timeis reduced by more than 50%, which brings great convenience to the citizens.

On April 16 2018, the Local Taxation Bureau andDepartment of Land and Resources of Liaoning Province jointly issued Notificationof the Local Taxation Bureau and Department of Land and Resources of LiaoningProvince on Transmitting the Notification of the State Taxation Administrationand the Ministry of Natural Resources on Deepening Inter-DepartmentalCooperation, Alleviating the Burden of the People and Improving the Level of Servicefor People’s Convenience, requiring relevant departments to activelypromote the implementation of “one window acceptance” of real estateregistration and tax collection and further optimize business procedure forconvenience of the people.

The Bureau of Planning, Land and Housing of Dalian FreeTrade Zone and the Taxation Bureau of Dalian Free Trade Zone immediatelyimplemented relevant deployment of superior authorities, and Dalian Free TradeZone Real Estate Registration and Transaction Center and the Bureau of Taxationof Dalian Free Trade Zone have added more functions, refreshed the database,integrated the process and improved the efficiency on the basis of the systemdeveloped by Dalian City. At the same time they actively cooperate with eachother to provide training to employees and accelerate the implementation of “onewindow acceptance and parallel handling” of real estate registration, taxationand transaction. On December 10, this system was launched for test run atDalian Free Trade Zone Real Estate Registration and Transaction Center and theBureau of Taxation of Dalian Free Trade Zone, and it was officially put intooperation on December 17.

At present, this business has covered thetaxation and ownership registration of various kinds of stock houses andfull-payment first-hand houses of individuals, which has greatly reduced costsand time. According to the relevant person in charge, the government will putmore efforts to promoting the course to realize online booking of real estateregistration in the near future and then gradually realize online acceptanceand online approval to further enhance efficiency and improve businessenvironment.