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Dalian Free Trade Zone Comes up with New Measures to Optimize Business Environment

Dalian Free Trade Zone Comes up withNew Measures to Optimize Business Environment: the Ore Terminal is Availablefor Night Navigation of 400 000-Ton-Class Ore Ships

It is an important manifestation of quality businessenvironment to effectively reduce the operational costs of enterprises.Recently, Several Measures for Optimizing the Business Environment ofCross-Border Trade in Dalian Area of China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone has been officially implemented, among which the one that widens theberthing-unberthing time window of ships and allows 400 000-ton-class ore shipfor night navigation at the ore terminal of Dalian Port will “save 1.6 millionUSD per ship” for enterprises.

Night navigation, a terminology in the field ofnavigation, refers to the behavior of ships of berthing or unberthing orsailing after dark and before dawn. With the increasing development trend oflarge ships in the current shipping industry, the realization of night-timeberthing and unberthing of large ships is of great importance to increasingwharf throughput capacity and improving production and operation efficiency andcan effectively enhance the competitiveness of ports in accessing large ships.However, the low visibility at night adds to the risks of berthing andunberthing operations, let alone the fact that large cargo ships are relatively“slow” with poor agility, therefore it is not easy to achieve safe berthing-unberthingoperation and there are high requirements for the natural conditions of quayberths, supporting equipment and facilities, ship towing technology and shipguiding technology.

The ore terminal located in Dayaowan Port Area has anobvious location advantage and is one of the core platforms to provide servicesfor “ore sand supermarket” and trade of ore in the area surrounding Bohai Sea.After the launch of the “bonded mixed ore” service of Dalian Free Trade Zone, “DalianStandard Ore” is known worldwide; with the development of the internationaltransit business, the ore terminal has gradually become the loading andunloading center and distribution center of iron ore in Northeast Asia.However, the ore terminal was built long ago, when the problem of nightnavigation hadn’t been fully considered in its planning and construction,resulting in the lack of corresponding supporting facilities and conditions fornight navigation. 

“Because of the continuity of the operations of ships andthe uncertainty of the operation time, the unloading operation of ships in portis usually finished at night, and the unavailability of night navigation oftenresults in the detention of ships at the terminal.” According to theintroduction of Ma Yiyi, the director of Dalian Maritime Safety Administration,at the series of press conferences with the theme of business environmentoptimization in Dalian City, the detention of ships at the terminal will causehigh demurrage, to the detriment of enterprises in various aspects such asaccepting orders, enhancing operational efficiency and controlling costs.

In order to effectively reduce the burden of enterprisesand optimize the business environment, Dalian Port Group has always beencommitted to improving the conditions for night navigation of large ships. InJune this year, Provincial and Municipal Maritime Safety Administrations andrelevant departments studied the navigation safety of the ore terminal fornight navigation of 400 000-ton-class ships through field research,demonstration and examination and affirmed that relevant berths at the oreterminal were ready for night navigation and were available for day-and-nightberthing and unberthing operations under corresponding conditions. “Throughthis measure, enterprises can save four to six US dollars per ton of ore. If a400 000-ton ship is fully loaded, a large amount of more than 1.6 million USDcan be saved for one ship.” Ma Yiyi said.

At present, at the ore terminal, night navigation ofsuper-large ore ships is gradually normalizing. According to the relevantperson in charge of Dalian Port, this measure has effectively enhanced the corecompetitiveness of the ore terminal and has played an important promoting rolein reaching the development goal of the ore terminal to become an oredistribution center in North China and a distribution center of loose ore inNortheast Asia.

Source: Jin Pu News