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The First Bonded Inventory Warehouse of the Cross-Border E-Commerce Park Opens Today

The First Bonded Inventory Warehouseof the Cross-Border E-Commerce Park in Dayaowan Free Trade Port Area OpensToday

 On November 15, the first bondedinventory warehouse in the park of Dayaowan Free Trade Port Area, China(Dalian) Cross-Border E-Commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone — the bonded inventorywarehouse of Dalian Zhitong Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. — opens.

As a functional park of China (Dalian) Cross-Border E-Commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone,the park of the Free Trade Port Area has ports, navigation routes and goodbonded warehousing conditions, which help the park play a positive role inestablishing an imported goods collection center based on Japanese and Koreanproducts, forming a cross-border e-commerce system with Dalian characteristicsand strong competitiveness, enhancing the building of Dalian Pilot Free TradeZone and promoting the transformation and upgrading of trade in the Northeast.

As the first operating enterprise in the park of the FreeTrade Port Area, Zhitong Supply Chain Company has completed warehousereconstruction and layout of more than 10 000 square meters, and it isestimated that after it is put into operation officially its annual business volumewill reach more than 1.5 million orders.

The first phase of the park ofDayaowan Free Trade Port Area, China (Dalian) Cross-Border E-CommerceComprehensive Pilot Zone,covers an area of 22 000 square meters, mainly consisting of two majorfunctional zones of the inspection site and the goods collection center. Theinspection site is equipped with perfect customs supervision facilities,supporting facilities and inspection sorting lines; the first phase of thecross-border e-commerce imported goods collection center covers an area of 20000 square meters.

In the next step, relying on the port advantages ofDayaowan and the functional advantages of the Free Trade Port Area, the FreeTrade Zone Administrative Committee will bring in well-known e-commerceplatforms and cross-border e-commerce integrated service enterprises to buildthe park into an imported goods collection center of cross-border e-commercebonded inventory and a cross-border e-commerce integrated service base.