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Unions Cross-Border E-Commerce “21 Warehouse” Overseas Factory Outlets Opens in Dalian

Unions Cross-Border E-Commerce “21Warehouse” Overseas Factory Outlets/“Pick Up as Buy” Experience StoresOfficially Opens in Dalian

On October 21, the cross-border e-commerce “21 warehouse”overseas factory outlets/“pick up as buy” experience stores, oriented by theUnions, officially opened in Dalian.

Relying on the functional advantages of port logisticsand free trade of Dalian Pilot Integrated Cross-Border E-Commerce Zone and DalianFree Trade Zone, this project has combined the imported goods O2O experience ofcross-border e-commerce and “store in the front, warehouse in the back and pickup as buy”, achieved new development in cross-border e-commerce business modein our city and brought a new experience of consumption upgrading to customers.

What is “pick up as buy”?

Through “pick up as buy”, “on-site order and on-sitedelivery” comes true, and cross-border shopping can be completed in less than10 minutes. Customers can go to “21 warehouse” overseas factory outlets tochoose imported goods and order goods by scanning their codes, and then customswill release the goods. The steps of customs entry, customs clearance and gooddelivery have been saved, and customers can buy imported goods as they wishwithin 10 minutes. This kind of business model is not often seen in ourcountry, and the mode of factory direct supply is the first in China. 

“21 Warehouse” overseas factory outlets has many nationalpavilions such as Asia, America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, SouthKorea, Russia, Canada and “the Belt and Road” and brings together a greatnumber of high-quality brands of overseas manufacturers including maternal andchildren supplies, personal care products and cosmetics, health care products,vintage wines, home appliances and daily necessities. 

“21 Warehouse” overseas factory outlets brings togetherhigh-quality overseas manufacturers and international brands all over theworld, the products are directly supplied by manufacturers, all intermediatelinks of cross-border e-commerce import shopping are removed, and customers donot need to go abroad to find manufacturers or source of goods. In “21Warehouse”, you can buy things directly from overseas factories, and the pricesare nearly the same with those overseas. Customers no longer need to worryabout source of goods, cost, price, quality, safety and poor shopping experience,which can all be solved at Unions “21 Warehouse”.

“21 Warehouse” overseas factory outlets has an overseasmanufacturer incubator with functions of brand display and marketing center,offline entity sales, business incubator, maker space, road show hall, productlaunch conference, forum and theme salon, commercial operation of new mediainternet celebrity economy, leisure and entertainment, and tourist sightseeingand shopping. It is committed to creating a multiple-functional areaintegrating all cross-border e-commerce services and providing a one-stopcross-border e-commerce service window for overseas manufacturers.