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the Results of the Building of the Pilot Free Trade Zone Are Eminent

It’s Been a Fruitful Year: MajorEconomic Indicators Are on the Rise, and the Results of the Building of thePilot Free Trade Zone Are Eminent

In the year of 2018, the economy of Dalian Free TradeZone sees a healthy development and major economic indicators maintain rapidgrowth. From January to November, the general public budget revenue of the FreeTrade Zone has reached 2.129 billion CNY, increased by 8.4%, and itsfull-aperture tax revenue is 5.324 billion CNY, increased by 2.1%. Itsindustrial output of enterprises above designated size has reached 19.2 billionCNY, increased by 7.9%; its fixed asset investment is 3.54 billion CNY, itsforeign direct investment is 121 million USD, its actual domestic capital is3.125 billion CNY, and its value of self-run export is 24.2 billion CNY.

The building of the Pilot Free Trade Zone is vigorouslypromoted and the reform dividend is emerging gradually.

By the end of 2018, the Free Trade Zone has fulfilled 98tasks in the overall plan of China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone, accountingfor 80% of the total task load of Dalian Area, issued 17 implementationmeasures for undertaking the first batch of provincial administrative functionsand powers delegated by the provincial government, and formed 104 developmentproposals focusing on the implementation of the speech of General Secretary XiJinping at Northeast China Revitalization Forum and the latest instructions onthe construction of the Free Trade Zone. To build the Pilot Free Trade Zone islike building an economic highway which keeps attracting big projects. As ofDecember 18 2018, there are 25212 market entities in the whole area, and theirtotal capital is 223.127 billion CNY, increased by 25.51% and 45.29%respectively. 16905 thereof are actual enterprises, with an increase of 34.25%,and 8307 are privately or individually-owned businesses, with an increase of10.83%. This year, 5779 market entities are newly registered, increased by29.08%.

The advantages of special supervised zones of optimizingand upgrading policy functions continue to expand. 

The “bonded mixed ore supervision innovation” of DalianFree Trade Zone was selected as Top 10 News and Top 10 Innovation Cases ofNational Pilot Free Trade Zone 2017. Last year, this innovation case was rolledout nationwide by State Council with the fourth batch of reform experience ofPilot Free Trade Zones. In addition, through innovative supervision systemssuch as “customs clearance integration”, “separation delivery and collectivereport”, “regional transfer of bonded goods” and “self-transportation”, theFree Trade Zone has developed a butler supervision and service program that cancomprehensively shorten the customs clearance time, and the customs clearancetime of import and export goods has been greatly shortened and the efficiencyof the transfer of bonded goods has been enhanced. And, thanks to that, thethree major special supervised zones of customs in the Free Trade Zone haverealized bonded supervision goods value of 46.301 billion CNY. All the 11in-source processing pilot enterprises in the export processing zone have madeup their deficits and gotten surpluses, the throughput of the ore terminal hasreached 14.76 million tons with an increase of 28.9%, and that of the grainterminal has arrived at 6.4 million tons with an increase of 14%.

Free trade theme investment promotion has a significanteffect and large projects  land one by one.

The Free Trade Zone has always regarded attractinginvestment and creating a secure and profitable environment for investors asthe top priority of its work. It has held government-enterprise dialoguemeetings and gone to enterprises for survey and research for many times,vigorously carried out the reform of “streamline administration and delegatemore powers to lower-level governments and to society in general whileimproving regulation and optimizing service”, proposed solutions to theproblems and needs raised by enterprises, and urged various functionaldepartments to make breakthroughs. The enterprises that have settled in theFree Trade Zone are rapidly developing and their economic benefits are remarkable.Taking Dongfeng Nissanas an example, in 2018, “Dalian made” Infinity QX50 wasofficially off the production line, by the end of November 2018 Dongfeng Nissanhad produced a total of 178 000 vehicles and achieved an output value of about20 billion CNY, and it is estimated that 200 000 vehicles will be produced thewhole year. The three production lines of the first phase project of PanasonicBattery were put into production officially, and the plants of the second phaseproject were put into service. Sinopec Fuel Oil Clean Energy Center,Farmers-Benefiting Service Center, Capital Agribusiness Supply Chain, andKedali Precision First Phase are put into operation; Dalian InternationalAdvanced Equipment Expo Center, City Institute of Dalian University ofTechnology and Kedali Precision Second Phase started construction; WanweiIndustrial Park, Donghai Marine Insurance and other key projects weresigned.