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The Annual Throughput of Dalian Automobile Terminal Exceeds 800 000
        In 2018, Dalian Automobile Terminal completed throughput of 820 000, with an operating income of 130 million CNY, and achieved a record high in 11 consecutive months. On November 9, 6041 commercial vehicles were operated, creating a single-day operation record; 87076 commercial vehicles were operated in the month of November, which created a new single-month throughput record since the Automobile Terminal was put into operation, further consolidating and promoting the position of Dalian Automobile Terminal as a hub of roll-roll shipping of commercial vehicles in the country. 

        South-north transportation route of Toyota is successfully opened and full coverage of customer network is achieved. 

        In June 2018, Guangzhou Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. officially launched Dalian liner shipment route in Northeast China and in December it carried a total of 32811 Toyota vehicles. In October 2018, the trial operation of FAW Toyota Dalian Waterway was started, with an annual cumulative operation of 6581 vehicles. The successful opening of Toyota south-north transportation route at Dalian Automobile Terminal not only effectively promoted the substantial growth of business volume, but also achieved full coverage of customer network to major auto manufacturers, and its status as a hub port was further consolidated and raised. 

        River-sea combined transportation is actively expanded and T-shape water transport layout is gradually developed. 

        The river-sea combined transportation of commercial vehicles has the advantage of sustainable development and is the new direction for China’s roll-roll water transportation in the future. Dalian Automobile Terminal actively strengthened its cooperation with roll-roll shipping companies and focused on the development of supply sources in Hubei, Anhui and Jiangsu, in May 2018 it opened the river-sea combined transportation route of “Changshu-Shanghai-Dalian”, and by the end of the year 5121 Changshu Qoros vehicles had been delivered, achieving a good start for the building of a T-shape water transportation system. 

        The development of the sea-rail combined transportation of commercial vehicles has rapidly become a new highlight. 

        In 2018, Dalian Automobile Terminal fully utilized the resource advantage of the special railway lines entering the port and vigorously expanded the business of seal-rail combined transportation of commercial vehicles. By the end of the year, the sea-rail combined transportation of 43 1000 commercial vehicles had been achieved, with a year-on-year increase of 53.3%. At present, BMW Brilliance, FAW Volkswagen, FAW Car and Harbin Ford all use railway for good congregation; Guangqi Honda, Chery Automobile and Geely Automobile use railway for some of their business for evacuation of cargoes from port; the supply of brands and goods for sea-rail combined transportation has been continuously enriched and expanded, and stable development of bidirectional transportation has been achieved preliminarily. 

        New routes are actively developed and new brands are included. 

        In 2018, new brands like Dongfeng Automobile (Liuzhou), Qoros Automobile and FAW Car were introduced to the Automobile Terminal, which further enriched and expanded its customer system and achieved a stead and robust growth of business volume.