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Pilot Free Trade Zone Dalian Area Starts the Business of “Bonded Mixed Oil, Offshore Direct Supply”
        On January 28, the launching ceremony of the “bonded mixed oil, offshore direct supply” business of Dalian Area was held in Dalian Free Trade Zone. This is another important measure for Dalian Free Trade Zone to promote the innovative development of pilot free trade zones. It is also a practical action to expand the functions of bonded policy and promote trade facilitation and is of great importance for accelerating the building of Dalian as an international shipping center and international logistics center in Northeast Asia. 

        “Bonded mixed oil, offshore direct supply” means that bonded fuel oil operating and producing enterprises put fuel oils with different components into an oil tank to be mixed according to market demand and product standards to make products that are up to fuel oil use standards and are supplied to international navigation ships for business. 

        Since last year, in order to adapt to the needs of international shipping industry and to play the role of a “test field” for institutional innovation of China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone, Dalian Customs has propelled Dalian Port to carrying out the business of ‘bonded mixed oil, offshore direct supply”. Through innovative practice, a whole-chain business process from the import of raw material to the supply of product fuel oil to ships has been opened up, and a variety of forms of supervision modes for bonded fuel and material supply have been achieved, such as “ship feeding before customs declaration”, “one ship with multiple supplies”, “one ship with multiple energies” and “cross-custom-district direct supply”. Wherever the business of bonded fuel oil arrives, customs supervision service will be provided there to promote the extension of bonded fuel oil supply chain towards outer anchorages and outer customs districts. These innovative measures will significantly reduce shipping costs, promote trade facilitation, enhance the competitiveness of oil supply enterprises, extend the influence of Dalian Port’s bonded oil supply base, and help to build a Northeast Asian bonded fuel oil supply base. 

        On the 28th, the opening ceremony of Sinopec EJOY Cross-Border High-Quality Goods Hall was held in Dalian Free Trade Zone. The Hall is located on the first floor of the Comprehensive Service Building of the Free Trade Zone. It has a business area of 2000 square meters and all of its products are imported from more than 10 countries and regions such as the United States, Australia and South Korea, including cosmetics, daily chemicals, foods, sweets, drinks and so on.