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The First Design Town in the Northeast Officially Settles in Jin Pu New Area
        On the morning of March 26, Jin Pu New Area signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Industrial Design Association, marking the landing of the first design town in Northeast China and of high-level Northeast Asia Design and Innovation Forum in the New Area, which would provide strong support for the improvement of the design and innovation ability of the New Area and Dalian and even Northeast China, the comprehensive promotion of the development of industrial design industry, the acceleration of the transformation from old growth drivers into new ones and the transformation and upgrading of regional manufacturing industry. Mayor Tan Chengxu, Member of Municipal Standing Party Committee/Minister of Propaganda Department/Secretary of Jin Pu New Area Party Working Committee/Director of New Area Administration Committee Li Pengyu, and Secretary General of Municipal Government Yi Qingshou attended the signing ceremony. Member of Party Working Committee/Deputy Director of the Administration Committee of the New Area/Director of Puwan Economic Zone Administration Committee Lyu Dongsheng signed the agreement on behalf of Jin Pu New Area Administration Committee. 

        Established in 1979, China Industrial Design Association is a state-level industrial design association approved by the State Council. It has more than 3000 enterprise members and 200 000 designer members and has established friendly relations with more than 50 countries and regions around the world. The Association created world’s leading design innovation highlands in Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Yantai, held World Industrial Design Conference and World Eco-Design Conference, and built the first industrial design town and eco-design town in China. It established the first design open university in the world and co-founded several innovation platforms including Sino-German Industrial Design Center, Sino-Swiss Industrial Design Center and DeTao Global Masters Organization. It also undertook important tasks such as National Design Innovation Talent Project and Beautiful Rural Design Poverty Alleviation Program. 

        According to the Agreement, China Industrial Design Association will build a Northeast Asian design town integrating industry cultivation, talent cultivation and scientific and technological research and development. Bilateral cooperation will be carried out in the small town relying on industrial associations, standardization organizations and R&D institutions of China and Japan, and advanced industrial and R&D design forces of the two countries will be gathered together to build a Sino-Japanese Design Center. Dalian Industrial Design Institute will be established to undertake work including design research, strategic consulting, improvement of design ability in manufacturing industry, talent cultivation, international exchanges and cooperation, and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Relying on the advantages and characteristics of design education resources in various regions in Northeast Asia, working with domestic and foreign famous universities including Tsinghua University, Peking University, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Taiwan Shih Chien University, Japan Waseda Universit and South Korea Hongik University, Northeast Asia Design Open University and Northeast Asia Innovative Talent Cultivation Base that integrate science, technology, design, commerce and culture will be built with the target to nurture innovative and entrepreneurial graduate students. A Rural Revitalization Design innovation Base and a Design Industry Cluster will also be established in the small town, industrial funds will be set up, and an international design master village will be built. 

        China Industrial Design Association will also actively promote the holding of Northeast Asia Design Innovation Forum in the New Area. The Forum aims to promote the integrative development of design innovation, economy and society, strengthen communication and cooperation in design among Northeast Asian countries and regions, form a world-class design hub with Japan, South Korea and Russia, and attract and transform advanced achievements from all regions and fields around the world. During the forum, a series of activities including Sino-Japanese Design Symposium, Northeast Revitalization Design Summit and Northeast Industrial Design Industry Meeting will be carried out. 

        Tan Chengxu met with Liu Ning, President of China Industrial Design Association, before the signing ceremony. Tan Chengxu said that China Industrial Design Association was very welcome to build Northeast Asia Design Town in the New Area, which was considered as an important carrier for accelerating the development of industrial design industry of the city and promoting the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy in Dalian. He hoped the two sides would quicken their pace of cooperation and carry out relevant work such as the site selection of the project. 

        Liu Ning said that the Association would exploit its advantages in industrial design and the construction of design towns, and cooperate with Jin Pu New Area and Dalian City to help Dalian create a city of innovation.

Source: Jin Pu News