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The Delegation of the New Area Makes Great Achievements in Investment Inviting in Hong Kong
        With the opening of the curtain of 2019 “project wave year”, the pace of attracting investment is quickened in the New Area. After going to Japan and South Korea for inviting investment, the delegation of the New Area went to Hong Kong for 4-day investment promotion activities on January 27. On the evening of the 30th, the delegation returned to Dalian with “full harvest”. 

        The slogan the New Area put forward in the “project wave year” is “big projects stand upright, small projects overspread, and the wave of projects gets higher and higher”. In this investment attraction activity in Hong Kong, with the international channel and platform of the city, the delegation of the New Area fully communicated with enterprises and chambers of commerce. Visiting businessmen, discussing cooperation matters, promoting project progress, and collecting information about new projects…the activities of attracting investment are “non-stop”. 

        Following the activities on the 27th and 28th, on 29th and 30th Mayor Tan Chengxu and Member of Municipal Standing Party Committee/Minister of the Department of Propaganda/Secretary of Party Working Committee of Jin Pu New Area Li Pengyu meet with the President of Hong Kong Trade Development Council Fang Shunwen and the General Manager of Hong Kong Merchants Group Fu Gangfeng respectively, and the two sides discussed their cooperation in the “Belt and Road” initiative and the construction of a free trade port; the delegation met with the Director of the Asia Pacific Region of AIA Rong Yongqi to seek cooperation between the two sides in the field of insurance; the delegation met with the Director of Hongkong Chinese Chamber of Commerce Huang Qiang and the representatives of China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd., Cushman & Wakefield and JP Morgan to introduce investment and development opportunities in the New Area. 

        As a statutory body for expanding global trade in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Hong Kong Trade Development Council serves manufactures, traders and service exporters of Hong Kong. It established an office in Dalian in 1994. Over the past two decades, Hong Kong Trade Development Council has played an important role in investment inviting in Hong Kong and promoting economic and trade cooperation between Dalian and Hong Kong. During the meeting, Tan Chengxu said that Hong Kong is one of the most important economic and trade partners of Dalian, we’d like to give our thanks to the Trade Development Council for the help you offered in the economic and trade cooperation between the two cities, and we hope that the Trade Development Council will continue to play its role of a bridge and link to provide support in aspects like connecting Dalian to Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and market development along the “Belt and Road”. Li Pengyu gave his thanks to the Trade Development Council for its strong support in the economic and trade cooperation between the new Area and Hong Kong. He hoped that with the active assistance of the Trade Development Council Jin Pu New Area would establish closer ties with Hong Kong and cooperate in fields like port logistics, finance and insurance. 

        China Merchants Group is listed as one of the four major Chinese-funded enterprises in Hong Kong. Transportation, finance and real estate are the three core industries of the Group. Last November, Liaoning Provincial Government and Chian Merchants Group signed the Memorandum of Port Cooperation in Liaoning and the Agreement on Project Capital Increase. Dalian will take advantage of the opportunity of port integration to strengthen cooperation with China Merchants Group in fields like port operation, logistics transportation, park development and financial services. 

        During his meeting with Rong Yongqi, Huang Qiang and the representatives of Hong Kong enterprises, Li Pengyu introduced the economic and social development situation of the New Area as well as its development direction and advantages. As the largest life insurance company in the world, AIA is rooted in Hong Kong, and its total asset value has reached 221 billion USD since its listing in 2010. Hong Kong Chinese Chamber of Commerce is a counterpart institution of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce in Hong Kong, jointly established by Hong Kong enterprises, mainland enterprises, overseas Chinese-funded enterprises and Chinese entrepreneurs and professionals both at home and abroad. 

        In addition, Li Pengyu discussed with Hong Kong Wo Kee Hong (Holdings) Limited and BGI Marine Company on projects such as classical vehicle trading platform, bio-pharmaceuticals, national gene bank and health care. At the luncheon presentation meeting attended by more than 50 Hong Kong businessmen on the 30th, he highlighted Dalian and Jin Pu New Area’s current advantages of “favorable timing, geography and people” and the “one place, one polar and three districts” strategic positioning and industrial advantages granted by the state to Jin Pu New Area, which attracted the attention of the participants to Dalian and Jin Pu New Area. Li Pengyu said that Jin Pu New Area will have deep cooperation with Hong Kong’s business community and consider Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as a new growth point for investment attraction of the New Area. 

        Hong Kong Wo Kee Hong (Holdings) Limited is a diversified distributor of high-quality brand products, and Wo Kee Electricals is the largest importer and distributor of electrical products in Hong Kong. With 25 years of sales experience, the Executive Chairmenan/CEO of the Group, Li Wenhui is known as the “Father of Ferrari”. He was also elected as Dalian’s overseas member of the CPPCC. After Pilot Free Trade Zone Dalian Area hung out its shingle, by investigating the advantages of Dalian Port and Free Trade Zone, he set up a classic vehicle trading base in the New Area to engage in classic vehicle trading, exhibition, appreciation and maintenance. This time, the two sides exchanged ideas on the classic vehicle trading project. 

        Hong Kong BGI Marine Company is a branch of Shenzhen BGI Marine Technologies Co., Ltd. BGI Marine will start with marine gene detection and extend from marine species research, development and breeding, mariculture and marine biopharmaceutical research, development and production to the construction of high-end health care industry base oriented by genetic science, and will discuss the development of related industries in the New Area. Li Pengyu gave a detailed introduction to the development of high technology and marine in the New Area and said that the New Area would make every effort to promote the landing of the project. Then, the delegation of the New Area signed an agreement on the BGI marine bio-reproduction project with BGI Marine. 

        Investment attraction is the lifeline of the New Area. During his stay in Hong Kong, Li Pengyu said that Dalian’s Jin Pu New Area is a state-level new area where China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone Dalian Area is located. With its advantages of functions, ports and location, its business environment has been continuously improved. The New Area is willing to carry out deep cooperation with more enterprises with strength and potential to promote industrial transformation and upgrading and realize high-quality economic development. “Don’t linger in Shanhai Pass and invest in Jin Pu.” He gave his sincere welcome to the vast number of businessmen to invest in Dalian Jin Pu New Area to seek common development and create the future. 

Source: Jin Pu News