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the Bonded Export Direct Mail of Cross-Border E-Commerce

The Value of Daily Orders Exceeds 20000 and the Bonded Export Direct Mail of Cross-Border E-Commerce in the FreeTrade Zone Realizes a New Breakthrough

Within the two days of February 24 and 25, the business volume of bondedexport direct mail of cross-border e-commerce in Dalian Free Trade Zone reached 47603 orders, making a new breakthrough of cross-bordere-commerce bonded export orders.

Since the first order of cross-border e-commerce bonded export direct mailwas released on December 21 last year, the total order volume had exceeded 240000 within just 2 months.

 The export model of cross-bordere-commerce bonded direct mail is another innovation of cross-border e-commerceexport of the Free Trade Zone after the improvement of the import model ofbonded inventory and has opened a new channel for cross-border e-commerceexport in Dalian and the hinterland of the Northeast.

With the good economic and foreign trade foundation of Dalian, itsenterprises show strong interests in cross-border e-commerce.

In 2018, about 8 million mails were sent out of the country under customssupervision. However, limited by the logistics mode of air package, post, ChinaPost air mail and express, traditional export enterprises cannot enjoy exportrebates and settlement of exchange, and their export volume cannot be includedin the statistics of cross-border e-commerce.

In order to help enterprises solve practical problems, the Cross-borderE-commerce Working Group of Jin Pu New Area actively communicated with DalianCustoms, Dalian Postal Customs, Liaoning Electronic Port, and China PostalExpress & Logistics Dalian Branch, learned from the experience of advancedregions in the South, built an export model of Dalian 9610 and realizedcross-border e-commerce direct mail export with the support of the customs. Inthe middle of January this year, China Post air mail exceeded 10 000 orders.With the further development of the business, after Spring Festival, the dailyorder volume was stable at more than 20 000, and the peak value even reached 30000.