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Vigorously Develops an Export-Oriented Economy and Gains Effects

China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade ZoneVigorously Develops an Export-Oriented Economy and Gains Effects


Ships no longer need ports to berth, ship-to-ship fueling can be realizedon the sea, fueling time is compressed, and the cost is reduced. At China(Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone Dalian Area, the Ore Terminal of Dalian Porttook the opportunity of business innovation of “bonded mixed oil, offshoredirect supply” and turned losses into benefits within one year, it transferredmore than 5 million tons of iron ore to Japan and South Korea in 2018 andbecame an important distribution center for ore in Northeast Asia.

As one of the achievements in business innovation of China (Liaoning)Pilot Free Trade Zone, the business of “bonded mixed oil, offshore directsupply” that had been verified by practice was launched in Dalian Area in thebeginning of 2019, and it was estimated that after one year of operation thebonded mixed oil business would cover Japan, South Korea and the Far East.

“This business has opened up a whole-chain process from the import of rawmaterial to fuel oil supply to ships and has greatly improved the level oftrade facilitation.” Li Hanguo, Deputy Director of Dalian Free Trade Office,introduced.

To create an international, legalized and convenient business environmentis an important principle that China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone followssince it hung out its shingle on April 1, 2017. In the past two years, China(Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone has formulated a series of innovativeexperience that can be replicated and popularized and has become a pioneer ofopening-up of Northeast China.

The efficiency of customs clearance has been comprehensively improved tosave enterprises time and operation costs. Yingkou Area has been developing aroad-rail-water combined transportation channel of containers covering “SoutheastCoast Yingkou Europe” with multiple-modal transport business as the main body. It hasbuilt a multiple-modal transport customs supervision center, accelerated thelanding of the various projects of China-Central and Eastern Europe “16+1”Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Zone, attracted severaladvantageous projects to settle such as Sino-Russian grain corridor withplanned annual transportation volume of 20 million tons, Maoneng Port (Yingkou)Imported Goods Trading Center, Hanjisi (Yingkou) International Cold ChainLogistics Hub, and deep processing of 3 million tons of extra-strong cornpowder of Xiangyi Food.

The comprehensive service level has been improved. “We have established asystem of Power and Responsibility List and Administrative Examination andApproval Management Catalog. The management of foreign-invested enterprisesfollows the mode of “pre-establishment national treatment + negative list”, thesubject qualification of foreign investors has been canceled, and the time ittakes for foreign investors to start their business in the Pilot Free TradeZone is reduced by 30 days.” Wang Jingming, Deputy Director of Department ofCommerce of Liaoning Province, introduced.

Convenient service gives enterprises more confidence to do business here.Intel upgraded the existing facilities in their Dalian plant with an additionalinvestment of nearly 35 billion CNY, and it only took 8 months for productcertification of the second-phase project, making a new record of “putting intoproduction within the shortest time” among Intel’s factories all over theworld.

The concentration of majorindustries is accelerated and the regional economic level is increased.Shenyang Area has built two cross-border e-commerce bases of ComprehensiveBonded Zone and China Storage & Transport to promote the development ofcross-border e-commerce and has formed a pattern of online-offline linkage.

“In the future, China(Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone will actively promote the building of DalianFree Trade Port, take full advantage of the influence of the two cores citiesof Shenyang and Dalian to advance the construction of Shenyang and DalianCross-Border E-Commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zones, and buildChina-Central and Eastern Europe “16+1” Economic and Trade CooperationDemonstration Zone.” Ma Ning, Director of Office of Free Trade ZoneComprehensive Instruction of Department of Commerce of Liaoning Province, said.

Source: Liaoning Daily