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“Real-name Authentication” Is Fully Implemented in Enterprise Registration from May 1
        (Reporter: Fang Liang  Correspondent: Zhao Yingying) Our reporter learned yesterday from the window of Dalian Administration for Market Regulation at Jin Pu New Area Public Administrative Service Center that real-name authentication has been fully implemented in enterprise registration from May 1 according to relevant regulations of Liaoning Provincial Administration for Market Regulation. That means applicants must be verified in a real-name manner before electronic or window-based business registration from now on. 

        According to introduction, since the reform of commercial system, enterprise registration has become more efficient and convenient, registration cost has been remarkably reduced, and the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship has been effectively released, benefiting the law-abiding, honest enterprises and masses. However, there are also some unscrupulous people who get round the law and regulations and use other people’s ID card information for enterprise registration. Through implementing “real-name authentication” in enterprise registration, unlawful deeds such as false registration and illegal use of ID card information for registration will be effectively restrained, and a fairer, healthier and more orderly business environment will be created. 

        From May 1, “real-name authentication” for the registration of enterprises of applicants is implemented in the business link of “enterprise establishment registration” in the New Area. Before July 1, “real-name authentication” for enterprise registration of relevant natural person will be realized in the business link of “change of enterprise registration (filing)”. When applying for real-name authentication, the applicant needs to download “business registration authentication APP” on the mobile phone for verification and registration of personal identifiable information, input personal information and choose “whether to register or not” and “the validity period” according to his/her own willingness. Then the system will conduct a network check on the applicant’s verification, registration and expression of willingness to reach the requirement of real-name authentication. 

        According to the relevant responsible person at the window of Dalian Administration for Market Regulation, if real-name authentication is not available for the applicant through the APP, the applicant him/herself can take his/her identification document to the registration authority, the staff at the window will help him/her through on-site verification and business recording to ensure that the applicant can complete the registration business successfully. 

        In addition, investors from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan and foreign investors are not included in the scope of real-name authentication. And the real-name authentication of the natural person of privately- or individually-owned business and farmers’ professional cooperative will be carried out according to the deployment of the State Administration for Market Regulation. 
Source: Jin Pu News