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Another Piece of Experience of Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone Dalian Area Is Popularized Nationwide
        Recently, the State Council has officially issued the Notice on the Replication and Popularization of the Fifth Batch of Reform Experience of Pilot Free Trade Zones to promote 18 pieces of experience in the reform in fields like investment management, trade facilitation and formative and ex-post supervision. Among them is the reform experience of Dalian Area of “whole-process supervision on the quarantine of imported grains”, which is another piece of “Dalian experience” that has been popularized throughout the country after “bonded mixed ore supervision mode” was selected into the fourth batch of reform experience of pilot free trade zones. 

        In order to actively support Beiliang Port to establish the first imported grains demonstration port in China, Dalian Customs has strictly controlled the spread of plant epidemic and reduced the cost of customs clearance and evacuation of cargoes from port, innovated the mode of whole-process supervision of imported grains quarantine, and created “one axis, two indicators, three core transformations, four spheres and five systems”. The one axis is the key risk point of imported grains epidemic control; the two indicators refers to increasing the detection rate of epidemic and reducing customs clearance time; the three core transformations means the completion of online laboratory operation, harmless treatment of plant epidemic and the work pattern of “internet + whole-process supervision”; the integration of four spheres means the integrated storage of grains imported through four trade forms of general trade, free trade & international transfer, futures and state reserves in the port area; the five systems refers to the establishment of a harmless bio-safety epidemic prevention and control system, a totally-enclosed mechanized loading and unloading transfer system, an information-based operation system, a programmed inspection and quarantine system, and a knowledge-based, professional and comprehensive quality and safety guarantee system. 

        By using this supervision model, the ability of Dalian customs to monitor the epidemic situation of imported grains is greatly improved, and the construction of the demonstration port has achieved remarkable results. At the same time, the grain turnover efficiency of Beiliang Port in Dalian Area is further enhanced. According to preliminary projection, after the measure is carried out, the transfer amount of imported grains at Beiliang Port will reach 6 million tons each year, and the transfer income will be increased by 240 million CNY; the transfer amount of imported grains at the bulk grain terminal will arrive at 5 million tons, and the transfer income will be increased by 170 million CNY. 

        “Whole-process supervision on the quarantine of imported grains” being selected into the fifth batch of reform experience of pilot free trade zones is another achievement of Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone Dalian Area for its adherence to the leading role of innovation. According to information, by the end of 2018, Dalian area had completed 108 tasks specified in the Overall Plan of  China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone, accounting for 91% of all the tasks of Dalian in the plan; it had replicated and popularized 177 pieces of innovation experience of the reform of pilot free trade zones, introduced 225 policy measures to support the development of the pilot free trade zone, and summarized 171 institutional innovation items and launched 56 institutional innovation cases, all of which had passed the evaluation of third-party experts and 13 had been reported to the Ministry of Commerce. Among the 56 cases of institutional innovation, 2 had been popularized nationwide and 31 of them including “administrative service single window” and administrative licensing standardization” had been promoted in the province.    
Source: Jin Pu News