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Customs Popularizes Self-service Printing of Certificate of Origin
        Dalian Customs has recently announced that it will fully popularize self-service printing of certificate of origin (C/O) from May 20. At that time, enterprises with certificate of origin visa in Liaoning can enjoy this policy benefit. C/O applicants or agents can print C/O formats that have been examined and approved by customs through international trade “single window” or “internet + customs” integrated online service platform without going to the windows for the handling of this business, and thus whole-process electronic service for the issuance of certificate of origin visa is realized. 

        According to Dalian Customs, the first batch of certificates that can be self-printed include 15 kinds of certificates such as C/O under China-South Korea, China-Australia, China-Chile, China-Pakistan, China-New Zealand, China-Switzerland, China-Iceland, China-Georgia and China-Singapore Free Trade Agreement, C/O under Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement, C/O (to South Korea) under the First Agreement on Trade Negotiations among Developing Member Countries of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, and non-preferential C/O. 

        From January to April this year, Dalian Customs issued 24724 preferential C/O in total with visa amount of 12.426 billion CNY, gained 621 million CNY of tariff preference for export enterprises from the customs of the importers, and certificates that could be self-printed accounted for 57%. 

        Dalian Customs reminds export enterprises that, in face of any problem in self-service printing of certificate of origin, they can use the 95198 “single window” service hotline or contact on-site C/O visa department of customs for help. 
Source: Dalian Daily