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Dalian Customs Launches Eight Measures to Support the Construction of Comprehensive Bonded Area
        Recently, Dalian Customs has launched eight measures to support the construction of comprehensive bonded area. 

        Through these measures we will expand the business of “bonded warehousing + re-export” of Dayaowan Free Trade Port Area. By improving the supervision process and guiding enterprises through standard operation, the customs clearance efficiency will be enhanced, policy propaganda will be strengthened, and more enterprises will be attracted to do business at Dalian Port, which will help Dalian make a sea-rail combined transportation hub port and a bridgehead of the “Belt and Road”. We will expand the “bonded mixed ore” business of the bulk cargo terminal of Port of Dalian. Oriented by enterprises’ needs, the supervision system will be perfected, the level of information-based supervision of customs will be improved, and a fast and efficient customs clearance process will be created, which will help Dalian build a Northeast Asian bulk commodity distribution center. We will expand the futures “bonded delivery” business of Dalian Commodity Exchange. Operation rules will be made according to the characteristics of the bonded delivery business of iron core, corn, etc., and a supervised customs clearance process with clear work flow and efficient operation will be established to help Dalian build an influential regional financial center. We will expand the “bonded inventory” business of cross-border e-commerce in Dayaowan Free Trade Port Area and Export Processing Zone. We’ll actively cooperate with local governments to help introduce influential e-commerce platform enterprises, and optimize supervision process and improve information level to realize 24*7 customs clearance and increase the speed of customs clearance of e-commerce goods.  

        According to relevant responsible person of Dalian Customs, the Comprehensive Bonded Area is a main carrier for the development of an export-oriented economy and is of great importance to stabilizing foreign trade and foreign investment, cultivating domestic market and stimulating the potential of domestic demand. Dalian is the only city that doesn’t have a comprehensive bonded area among all the 14 municipalities with independent planning status of our country. This year, by implementing the Several Opinions on Promoting High-Level Opening-up and High-quality Development of Comprehensive Bonded Areas issued by the State Council, Dalian Customs will support Dalian Dayaowan Free Trade Port Area to be upgraded into Dayaowan Comprehensive Bonded Area, assist Jin Pu New Area Export Processing Zones (Zone A and Zone B) to be integrated into Dalian Comprehensive Bonded Area and make it a new engine for driving the development of local economy and a pilot area for deepening reform. At the same time, the work to research the layout of Dalian Comprehensive Bonded Area will be initiated.  
Source: Jin Pu News