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DFTZ Builds Highlands of Opening-up and Cooperation to Deeply Involve

DFTZ Builds Highlands of Opening-up andCooperation to Deeply Involve in the Co-Development of "Belt andRoad"


——5th Overview of Dalian's One YearEffort of Implementing Vital Spirit of Talks By General Secretary Xi JinpingDuring His visit to Liaoning and at Seminar on Deepening Revitalization ofNortheast China

  One of thecrucial reasons for Dalian's leading position in the revitalization ofNortheast China is the solid foundation of opening-up, good practices and ideasof foreign exchanges and keeping up with the times.  In September 2018, General Secretary XiJinping requested during his visit to Liaoning and at the seminar on deepeningrevitalization of Northeast China that local governments be deeply involve inthe development of the "Belt and Road" and building highlands ofopening-up. Xi also required to accelerate the implementation of Liaoning PilotFree Trade Zone, improve infrastructures of key border ports, grow industrialclusters with advantages, and attain multilateral cooperation and win-windevelopment among multiple parties. Thereafter, with more determined directionsand clearer routes, Dalian has been striving to deeply involve in globaleconomic cooperation, accelerating opening-up efforts at all dimensions andmultiple levels.

  For the pastyear, Dalian has been improving the efficiency of the use of foreigninvestment, nurturing new foreign trade models, and has put new opening-upchannels in place. Shouldering the mission of leading the all-roundrejuvenation of Northeast China, opening-up and cooperation with the region ofNortheast Asia, and deep involvement of building the "Belt and Road",Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone Dalian Area scored robust achievements throughcomprehensive and deepened reform and opening-up. Since the founding on April10 2017, DFTZ has completed 117 out of 119 reform tasks listed in the FrameworkPlan for China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone, replicated and promoted 237system innovations made by the previous two groups of pilot free trade zones,produced 82 innovative cases which were approved by third party evaluators andamong the 82 cases, 66 reported to Liaoning Provincial Government and 22 to theMinistry of Commerce. "Bonded mixed ore" and "whole-processsupervision of imported grains" have been recognized by the State Councilas pilot experience for the reform of pilot free trade zones and promotednationwide. The case practices of "Port of Dalian's exploration of newapproaches to equity integration of domestic container terminals" and"Dalian Bingshan Group's mixed ownership reform" have been awardedthe 3rd national group of "best practice cases", providing firmsupport to Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone's task completeness ranking top ofthe third group of free trade zones. Since the beginning of this year, 5300 newcompanies have registered in DFTZ with a year-on-year growth rate of 12%, andthe registered capital has totaled 40 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growthrate of 11%. The number of newly registered companies has reached 17,000,existing companies has totaled 27,000, and every day witnesses more than 50companies registered in the zone on average since the founding of DFTZ.

  The overallclearance time reduced by 33.34% compared with that of 2017

  With coreelements-ports, international logistics, collection and distribution systems,urban functions, and custom special oversight area-in place, DFTZ has promoted55 innovative initiatives since the establishment together with other authorities,such as the customs. This year witnessed the invention of 9 new functions addedto on the original Shanghai international trade "single window"version 3.0, the making of the first smart export rebate platform in China withthe rebate speed up by 47%, and the creation of the "new oversight modelof international seafood in transit" which realized an oversight systemensuring "Traceable source, controllable supervision, trackable flowdirection, and guaranteed quality", attracting more internationaltransshipment businesses to settle in Dayaowan Port. The customs, maritime, andimmigration inspection authorities pulled strengths together to promote the"three mutual customs clearance", achieving an average customsclearance time of 80.42 hours of Dalian Port, down by 33.34% compared that of2017. Especially for export, the customs clearance time is 8.13 hours, reducedby 52.79% compared with that of 2017.

  Dalian'sproactive involvement in the "Belt and Road" as transportation hub

 Innovativeinitiatives like "bonded mixed ore", "Bonded mixed oil",and "whole-process supervision of imported grains" have been put intopractice, playing a key part in safeguarding national energy security, foodsecurity, and right of speech on bulk commodity. Driven by the above innovativemeasures, we witness rapid development of port logistics: in 2018, the handlingcapacity of ore port grew by 18.7%, the receiving capacity of LNG port was upby 54.9%, the handling capacity of car port soared by 16.21%, the handlingcapacity of food port increased by 19.8%, and the handling capacity ofcontainer port jumped by 0.7%. As the development of the grand pathway ofinternational logistics accelerates, 2018 witnessed more than 400,000 TEU ofsea-rail combined transport cargo in DFTZ, among which 16,000 TEU weretransported by transit trains, and 390,000 tons of cold-chain cargo throughputof Dayaowan Port, growing by 31% year on year.

  Boominginstitutional innovation, convenient investment trade

  DFTZ has strivedto build a replicable and promotable institutional system facilitating free andconvenient investment trade with institutional innovation at its core. In orderto implement the spirit of the important speeches made by General Secretary XiJinping during his inspection in Liaoning and in the seminar on deepening therevitalization of Northeast China, DFTZ strengthened efforts in reform andinnovation. Thorough the past year, we have seen frequent makings of innovativeand preferential policies and a great number of institutional innovations withDalian characteristics.

  In financialsector, the innovative "multi-way loan" mix, in the premise of lawcompliance and controllable risks, was launched to accurately meet corporateand market demands, breaking the financing bottleneck of micro-and-smallenterprises and setting up a new supply-financing model. These financialproducts have enabled companies to get easier, faster and more affordableaccess to capital, hence effectively enhance the financing and investmentconfidence of financial institutions and companies.

  In terms ofbusiness system reform, DFTZ innovatively set up the "five in one"corporate registration confirmation system, turning the former administrativeapproval system of the registers to a confirmation one. Such switch plus thenegative list management have enabled companies to self-apply for registrationvia smart devices and go through the entire process immediately without waitingin lines or days. At present, more than 80% of the registration application ofnewly registered companies are handled through the confirmation system.

  The customsadopted the "Internet +" new policies to conduct inspections, i.e.,"replacing inspections with audits" and "noninvasiveinspections". To be specific, the customs do not carry out fieldinspections, instead, forming a follow-up oversight model that "companiescarry out self-application, agencies run audits and the customs will notinterfere in the process unless violations are identified". With the newmodel executed, companies who would have been inspected for evidence 5 to 8times now need zero such inspections; the number of inspection work days forone company has been reduced from 10-16 to 0; the number of inspectors sent toone company has been cut from 10 to 0. The cost of manpower and time have been translated into economicbenefits for the companies which realized the qualitative change of zero inspection.With the making of version 2.0 of foreign exchange administration reform, DFTZlaunched "10 innovations". Besides, DFTZ built the first service basefor international sailors in China, laying a foundation for developing theinternational shipping hub in Northeast China.

  Dalian solutionto SOE reform, developing highlands of opening-up and cooperation

  Withinstitutional innovation at the core, DFTZ has made bold moves and trials atthe new beginning, not only turning the zone into new highlands of reform andopening-up and self-innovation, but also leading the structural reshuffle ofthe old industrial base with further improvement of the open industrial system,which is the Dalian solution to propelling the SOE reform of old industrialbases in Northeast China. DCT Logistics Co., Ltd pioneered in the equityintegration of domestic container ports, realizing the unified resourcemanagement and operation of southern Dayaowan container port, which effectivelyimproved the service functions of the port and the competitiveness of DalianPort. Led by the mixed ownership reform, Dalian Bingshan Group intensifiedsmart manufacturing and developed a comprehensive service system, leading tothe making of "1+2" Bingshan reform model. Against the backdrop ofeconomic downturn, Bingshan group witnessed rises in both quality andperformance, embarking on a unique path of SOE reform in Northeast China. 

  With all theseinnovative reform measures, DFTZ has effectively optimized businessenvironment, thus spurring new investment momentum. The first phase ofPanasonic Battery Project has been put into production, the construction of thesecond phase has been completed and the third just witnessed contract signing.The fifth phase of Volks Wagon Transmission Project is about to go intooperation; Japanese Aquatic Product Trading Center and Dalian InternationalAdvanced Equipment Expo Center kicked off construction; contracts of the 5thFuel Oil Center of Sinopec, Beijing Capital AgribusinessGroup Supply Chain, VX Logistics Industrial Park, and VIPS high-end logisticsprojects were signed; Thyssen Krupp Technology Center and Omron R&D Centerare about to set up presence in DFTZ.