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Another Attempt of Exploring "Dalian Model" by Dalian

Another Attempt of Exploring"Dalian Model" by Dalian Area of China (Liaoning) Pilot Free TradeZone to Improve the Legal System of Pilot Free Trade Zones


  On October 30,Dalian Area of China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone (DFTZ) made a new attemptof exploring the "Dalian Model" to improve the legal system of pilotfree trade zones. Zhu Shuying, Director of Shanghai City Development Law Firm,was invited to give a lecture on the Regulation on Government Investment andnew opportunities and requirements arising from the supervision in process andafterwards of free trade zones. 

  Shanghai CityDevelopment Law Firm was designated to carry out research on the subject ofsupervisinggovernment-invested projects in process and afterwardsbythe National Development and Reform Commission. During the lecture, Mr ZhuShuying specified the supervision in process and afterwards since theimplementation of the Regulation on Government Investment, the takeaways of theMeasures of Supervising Enterprise-Invested Projects in Process and Afterwardsfor the execution of the Regulation on Government Investment, and theRegulation on Government Investment and new opportunities and requirementsarising from the supervision in process and afterwards of free trade zones. Healso shared his comments and advice on how to supervise government investmentin process and afterwards.  

  DFTZAdministrative Committee has launched the year-long "Law Forum of DalianArea of China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone since September 2019,inviting experts, scholars, legal practitioners and entrepreneurs from both athome and abroad to give lectures. The purpose of this event is to implement therequirement of "We will strengthen the building of a government based onthe rule of law and good faith. A binding mechanism for honoring internationalagreements will be put in place. Laws and regulations will be revised andimproved in keeping with the need to expand opening-up" proposed inGeneral Secretary Xi Jinping's keynote speech at the opening ceremony of theSecond Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, and to furtherimprove the legal system of DFTZ, better benchmark international common traderules, and assistant companies in DFTZ to fully leverage such rules, protecttheir legitimate rights and improve their international competitiveness andlegal rights to speak up.

  This lecture isco-sponsored by DFTZ Administrative Committee and Justice Bureau of DalianJinpu New District of Dalian.

  Introduction toZhu Shuying:

  Director ofShanghai City Development Law Firm, legal adviser to the Construction MarketSupervision Department under Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development,executive director of China Cost Engineering Association and deputy director ofthe committee of experts, vice president of the "Belt and Road"(China) Court of Arbitration and vice president of Ganjiang New AreaInternational Court of Arbitration, and guest professor at Tsinghua University,Peking University, Tongji University and Shanghai JiaotongUniversity. Honored as Excellent Builder of Socialist Cause with ChineseCharacteristics, National Excellent Lawyer, and Model Worker of Shanghai, andselected into the "Hall of Fame" of China Engineering Museum in thename of the "founder of Chinese engineering contract model template andcreator of whole-process legal consulting service for projects".