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Advancement of "Separating Permits from Business Licenses"! Dalian Area of China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone First Launches Standard of Thematic Service Specifications for Food Business in China

        To deepen the reform of simplification ofadministrative procedures, decentralization of powers, combination ofdecentralization with appropriate control, and optimization of servicesand better build law-based, international, and facilitated businessenvironment, on November 19, 2019, Dalian Area launched the standard of theThematic Service Specifications for Food Business. It is the first standard ofoperational qualification after the making of the Administrative ConfirmationSpecifications for Entity Qualification on October 9, 2019, marking that DalianArea has got in the fast lane of reform of separating the entity qualificationof standardized commercial registration from operational qualification.

        In 2019, 692 operational qualification permits of foodbusiness were approved in Dalian Area, being the most frequently usedoperational qualification permit. With the needs of companies at the center andan issue-oriented approach, Dalian Area first standardized the most frequentlyused operational qualification permit. While promoting facilitated servicehandling, Dalian Area eliminated discretionary powers from all the approvalprocedures, ensuring standardized and foreseeable qualification approval offood business.

        Food companiesusually have to go through 2 approvals, one is entity qualification and anotheris operational qualification for food business. Requested documents for thefirst approval include food business license, letter of commitment, and 8documents covering application form, information form of legal representative,information form of food security professionals and executives, practitionerinformation form, food security facility and equipment registration form, powerof attorney, feedback form of food business permit approval, and approved andissued information form of food business permit. An applicant only needs toupload required information to the platform when prompted. The food businessapplication form and letter of commitment are automatically generated by thesystem so the applicant does not need to prepare in advance.

        With the standardlaunched, document preparation time has been greatly decreased, the efficiencyof qualification approval of food business has been increased by more than 75%,and the legal limit of time, 20 work days, and the commitmenttime, 5 work days have been reduced to 1 work day. On-site check verificationremains for the moment.