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Dalian Area of Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone Runs Development Forum for Parallel Import Car Industry

        To further regulate the parallel import car industry,Dalian Area of Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone hosted a development forum forthe parallel import car industry.

        At the forum, theCustoms of Dayaowan introduced the new oversight model of parallel import cars.The new model will ease the capital stress of pilot parallel importers, lowerthe operational cost of companies and car prices, hence bringing concretebenefits to the consumers. Based on issues arising in parallel import cars,financial institutions and companies contributed innovative ideas andrecommendations on the "China VI" vehicle emission standards bonded value-added service, entrepot trade and second-hand car import.

        Representativesfrom the Administration Committee of Dalian Area said that always being led bythe needs of the enterprises, Dalian Area has made joint efforts with portsdepartments to innovate supervision model and keeps providing more facilitatedconditions for the companies in customs clearance, trade and logistics, inorder to create innovative development dividends of the free trade zone for theenterprises. Meanwhile, Dalian Area has pilot parallel importers and upstreamand downstream companies to operate with honesty, strengthen coordination, andmake proactive innovation so as to promote better and faster development of theparallel import car industry of Dalian Area.

        Leaders from theAdministration Committee of Dalian Area, the Foreign Trade Division of DalianBureau of Commerce, the Free Trade Division of Dalian Customs and the BondedSupervision Division of Dayaowan Customs, and people in charge of companies inthe entire industrial chain of parallel import car, such as trade, freight forwarding, warehousing and finance, joined theforum.