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Changing “Condition Appraisal” to “Result Appraisal”, Dalian Free Trade Area was the First to Launch the New Measures for the Bidding of Innovation Tasks in the Country
        A few days ago, a new conference was convened in Dalian Free Trade Area, at which the Interim Regulations on Governmental Procurement Management in Innovation Research Tasks in Dalian Area was officially issued. The promulgation of the Regulations will change the reality that a natural person cannot bid for a governmental procurement project, and change the bid invitation of governmental procurement projects from price competition to quality competition, which will greatly enhance the scientificalness, pragmaticality and accuracy in the bid invitation course of governmental procurement projects and play positive demonstration and guidance role in improving the quality of the project invested by the government, and optimizing the use efficiency of the financial funds from the government.     
        System innovation features the core task in the construction of the pilot free trade zone. In accordance with the work requirements of “Daring to Break Through, Making a Bold Trial and Correcting Independently” in the construction of pilot free trade zones as advocated by Secretary General Xi Jinpin, Dalian Free Trade Area has adhered to problem orientation, persisted in quality priority, adapted to the new needs in innovation theory study, and researched and prepared the Interim Regulations on the Bid Invitation of Innovation Research Tasks in Dalian Free Trade Area. 
        The Regulations have included the whole process of scientific research innovation into the bid invitation links. The procurer can adopt the bidding mode of two stages, i.e. “task proposing” and “task conclusion” according to the actual needs in task bid invitation. At the first stage of the bidding, the bidders present their “task proposing reports”, which mainly include such content as research targets, research scheme, preliminary research results, etc. of the bidding tasks. After review, at least two candidates will be chosen. At the second stage of the bidding, the candidates shall submit complete task research results, i. e. “task conclusion report”, and then the appraisers will finally determine the bid winner after review. For the candidate failing in the bidding, the procurer will give certain compensations according to the circumstances of the project. The compensation standard will be set out in the bidding documents. There are three key points in this new bidding measure: the first is that natural person can take part in the bidding; the second is that the bidding is changed from price competition to quality competition, and the third is that it meets with relevant provisions in the Laws on Tenders and Bids.