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From “the Test Field” of Reform to “New Highland” of Opening to the Outside World - Sightseeing at the Third Anniversary of Opening-up of Dalian Free Trade Area
        On April 9, a news conference was convened in Dalian Free Trade Area, at which, the construction and development achievements during the three years since its opening-up were reported. 
        In the past three years, Dalian Free Trade Area has always adhered to taking the thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era as advocated by Xi Jinping as guide, thoroughly carried out the spirits in the important speech made by Secretary General Xi Jinping about the symposium on pilot free trade zone construction and further promotion of the revitalization of the Northeast, remembered well the responsibilities and missions endowed by the Central Government to pilot free trade zones, persistently regarded system innovation as core, dared to break through, made a bold trial and corrected independently, so as to better play “the trial field” role of the new round of reform and opening to the outside world, strive to make positive contributions in building Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone into a new engine to improve the overall competitiveness and the opening level of the old industrial base in the northeast.
        In the past three years, Dalian Area has witnessed great success in system innovation. It was the first to fully complete 119 reform pilot tasks in relation to Dalian Area as stipulated in the Overall Scheme of China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone, duplicated and popularized 291 reform pilot experiences for reference in the state and Liaoning Province, summarized and sorted out 273 new system innovation measures. “Bonded Ore Blending”, “Regulation Innovation” and “New Mode in the Whole-process Regulation of Imported Grains” have been respectively included in the experiences in the fourth and fifth groups of reform pilots by the state council, and has been duplicated and popularized around the country. “The Stock Right Integration of the Container Wharf” and “the Mixed Ownership Reform of Dalian Bingshan Group” have been included into the third group of national best practice cases by the Ministry of Commerce, which have explored new path in deepening the reform of state-funded and state-owned enterprises.    
        In the past three years, the internationalized business environment has been improved gradually. Benchmarking of international advanced level, leading the “certificate and license separation” reform by standardization with full coverage and “One Window Acceptance during the Whole Life Cycle of an Enterprise” have been involved in national public service standardization pilot. The “Five in One” commercial registration confirmation system was firstly set up in the country. The Suggestions on Implementing the Enterprise Registration Confirmation System in Dalian Free Trade Area has been promulgated, and the administrative confirmation system has been fully covered by standardization and routinization, so as to realize manless examination and approval, intelligent confirmation and license ready while waiting, and the enterprise registration has marched forward into the “instant approval” era. A batch of “release, regulation and service” measures like the “Credit & Promise System for the Operation License of Dangerous Chemicals”, “the Construction License Credit System”, etc. have been taken to shorten the administrative examination and approval time greatly.    
        In the past three years, the development vigor in the area has been enhanced obviously. There are 23,474 newly registered enterprises in accumulation, with total registered capital of RMB 322.8 billion yuan, of which, there are 309 new foreign-funded enterprises, with total registered capital of USD 9.3 billion; there are 23,165 new domestic-funded enterprises, with registered capital of RMB 257.7 billion yuan; there are 415 new enterprises with registered capital of over RMB 0.1 billion yuan, with total registered capital of RMB 186.3 million yuan. Taking the bonded zone as example, the number of registered enterprises is 3.4 times of that before approval, and the growth speed of foreign-funded enterprises is two times of that before approval. With an area of 1/200 of the whole city, Dalian Free Trade Area has gathered one-ninth of all the enterprises and one-sixth of the foreign-funded enterprises in the whole city, and realized one-third of the total import and export volume of the whole city.
        In the past three years, the effect of trade facilitation and liberation is obvious. Such innovation cases as “Bonded Ore Blending”, “Whole-process Regulation of Imported Grains”, etc. have not only solved the difficulties encountered by the enterprises during their production and operation, but also played positive roles in guaranteeing the energy and grain safety of the country. International Ship Comprehensive Supply Center and Comprehensive Service Base for Seamen are under construction. Such trade facilitation innovation measures as intelligent declaration navigation service for import and export goods, “Substitution of Investigation by Examination”, “non-invasive” inspection, “Cloud Issue” platform for inspection and quarantine of exported goods, “four-step inspection methods for false report or concealing” of dangerous goods at the port, etc. have been highly stressed by relevant ministries and commissions of the state. In 2019, the customs clearance time in the port in Dalian Area was respectively reduced by 77.9% and 79.7%. 
        In the past three years, important breakthrough has been made in the opening to Northeast Asia. A group of important industrial projects have settled down. Such projects as Panasonic Battery Phase II Project, Wanwei Industrial Park, Fengshu Industrial Park, Dalian International Advanced Equipment Exhibition Center, etc. have been completed; the construction of such projects as Toshiba Locomotive Power Battery, Kedali, Vipshop Dalian Operation Center, Yidu Cold-chain Fruit Transaction Center and so on has started; and the contract for Panasonic Battery Phase III Project has been signed. The international logistics passageway has been built, the first Sino-European block train directly leading to Slovakia was opened in China. The returning block train “from Novosibirsk, Russia to Dalian” has been put into normal operation. The number of containers transported by sea and rail has continuously come out in front in the country. The Sino-Japanese Economic & Trade Cooperation Demonstration Area has been built to cultivate the transaction market focusing on the consumption articles imported from Japan with cross-border e-commerce characteristics. With “the Top Quality Goods of Japan and Korea in Dalian” as target, it aims to build the bridgehead for Japanese and Korean top quality products to march into Chinese market and set up the collection and distribution center as well as allocation base of Japanese and Korean goods. The cross-border e-commerce industry has expanded constantly, and the bonded stock function is consummated day by day. The development of such enterprises as Zhitong Supply Chain, Shidianshanshui, Sinopec Ejoy Cross-border, etc. has been accelerated. CAG Cross-border Fresh Products Industrial Park and Japanese Food Transaction Center have been opened for business. Based on the study and lessons of the operation modes and regulation philosophies of internationally recognized free ports like Singapore, Pusan (Korea), etc., the Primary Action Plan for Exploring and Constructing Dalian Free Trade Port (2020-2021) has been prepared.      
        Looking forward to the future, Dalian Free Trade Area will consider serving the national strategies and building important carrier as its task, closely focus on the strategic orientation of “forming the strategic highland oriented to the opening to and cooperation with Northeast Asia”, give full play to five advantages: namely the geographic advantage as the coral function area of the Northeast Asia International Shipping Center, the opening advantage focally oriented to Japan and Korea, the advantage as the largest trade port in the northeast region, the industrial advantage with advanced manufacture and international trade as base and the policy function advantage of the special area regulated by the customs. We will continuously take system innovation as core, make a bold trial, dare to break through and correct independently, so as to make contributions in revitalizing the old industrial bases in the northeast and establishing “one plus five bases” in Liaoning and fully create new highland for reform and opening to the outside world in the new era.   
        I. Conscientiously carrying out the spirits in the series of important instructions made by Secretary General Xi Jinping on accelerating the work of the pilot free trade zones as well as the spirits in the important speech given at the symposium on deeply promoting the revitalization of the northeast, further improving political position, raising the mission awareness and overall awareness. Under the leadership of Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government and Jinpu New Area Party Working Committee, we shall actively try to get the supports from the state and competent authorities, accelerate system and mechanism reform, adhere to taking system innovation as core, regard the duplicability and generalizability as basic requirements, center on core business, speed up the reform in investment and trade facilitation and liberation, thus creating a group of systematic system innovation results that have influence on the revitalization of the old industrial bases in the northeast and opening to the outside world. 
        II. Focusing on consummating the comprehensive service functions of ports, and fully improving the energy level of Dalian Northeast Asia International Shipping Center. Firstly, promoting the innovation in port regulation system, simplifying the operation flows of port cargoes during the transit, LCL and international allocation, and setting up convenient and highly-efficient international transit and LCL regulation mode. Establishing international transit and LCL regulation warehouse in the bonded port, and raising the classification regulation level by using intelligent system and technical means. Secondly, increasing the energy level of bonded business, centering on such new-type bonded trade fields as bonded ore blending, bonded delivery of futures, bonded exhibition transaction, bonded stock for cross-border e-commerce, bonded research and development and testing, etc., so as to innovate individualized regulation mode and improve the customs clearance facilitation level. Thirdly, setting up comprehensive supply center for international ships, and constructing a comprehensive service base centering on oil supply for bonded ships with ship materials and spare parts, living supply for seamen, etc. as auxiliary functions, etc. Fourthly, building multimodal transport operation center. With Dayaowan Port, Dalian CRIntermodal Container Center Station as carrier to promote the sharing of sea and railway transportation information and improve the operation efficiency of multimodal transport. Fifthly, enhancing the mutual recognition cooperation of AEO among China, Japan and Korea, thus forming a highly-efficient and smooth cooperation mechanism in such aspects as information exchange, mutual regulation recognition, mutual assistance in law enforcement, inspection and quarantine, measurement of standards, etc.       
        III. Taking promotion of the agglomerational development of industrial clusters as guide, and accelerating the construction of opening industrial system with competitiveness on international market. In accordance with the overall thought of expanding the industrial chain, perfecting the supply chain and cultivating the innovation chain, with key enterprises as the leader, speeding up and promoting the industrial structure adjustment, laying stresses on cultivating and creating eight industrial groups: the port shipping industry cluster with Liaogang Group and Beiliang Group as representatives; the whole automobile and parts industry cluster with Dongfeng Nissan as representative; electronic information industry cluster with Intel as representative; advanced equipment manufacture industry cluster with Guangyang Technology as representative; new energy industry cluster with Panasonic Battery and Toshiba Battery as representatives; high-end biopharmaceutical industry cluster with Pfizer as representative; international trade industry cluster with cold-chain logistics transaction center and petroleum exchange as representatives; modern service industry cluster with the financial industrial park and Beifang National Copyright Transaction Center as representatives.   
        IV. Providing power and support for the overall revitalization of the old industrial bases in the northeast with the deepening of the innovation in the financial field and reform of state-funded and state-owned enterprises. Firstly, enriching the main force on the financial market, supporting the setup of companies engaged in financing, leasing, commercial factoring, investment and fund, etc. in Dalian Area, introducing headquarters economy, export-oriented economy and foreign-funded financial institutions, and encouraging enterprises to set up financial settlement centers in Dalian Area. Secondly, expanding the opening and innovation in financial field, promoting the construction of northeast cross-border financing, cross-border investment and cross-border assets transaction demonstration zones. Thirdly, setting up the international transaction platform for bulk commodities. Establishing the information, trade, logistics and settlement center for bulk oil and gas commodities oriented to Northeast Asia, and creating the spot transaction platform for bulk commodities like imported fruit, imported meats, imported rubber, oil products, iron ore, etc. Giving play to the platform advantages of Dalian Commodities Exchange, expanding and consummating the bonded transaction pilot of futures, and promoting the efficient integration of spot commodities and futures. Fourthly, deepening the reform of state-funded and state-owned enterprises, further generalizing the experience accumulated during the stock right integration of Dalian Port Container Wharf and the mixed ownership reform of Bingshan Group, further optimizing the configuration of state-owned capital and expanding the functions of state-owned capital. 
        V. Aiming at setting up an opening door especially oriented to Japan and Korea, deeply involving in the construction of “the Belt and Road Initiative” and taking the lead in the opening and cooperation in the northeast Asia region. Firstly, exploring and building Sino-Japanese (Dalian) Economic Cooperation Park, sparing no efforts in constructing an international trade allocation center oriented to Japan, promoting the high concentration of Japanese goods in Dalian Area, supporting Sino-Japanese intelligent manufacture industry, strategic and newly emerging industries and modern service industry to quickly gather in Dalian Area, building Dalian Northeast Asia Modern Industry Cooperation Demonstration Zone. Secondly, cultivating Northeast Asia Health & Medical Industry Base, promoting the agglomeration of high-end diagnosis and treatment industry in the world and the opening of national medical treatment field, undertaking the pilot tasks in international diagnosis and treatment cooperation, research and development, production and application of advanced medical technologies and products, etc. Thirdly, developing cross-border e-commerce in shipping field. Encouraging and supporting large port shipping enterprises to extend the logistics chain, deeply taking part in the cross-border e-commerce businesses, setting up overseas warehouses, giving play to the shipping features, promoting the combination of express delivery and warehousing, expanding “door-to-door” logistic service. Encouraging liner operators to open up the top express in Northeast Asia and constructing an import consumption goods distribution center in Dalian Free Trade Area.      
        VI. Exploring and constructing Dalian Free Trade Port with Shanghai Port New Area and internationally accepted advanced free ports as example. Docking the strategic needs of the country, highlighting the advantages of Dalian, benchmarking the free trade park with the strongest competitiveness as universally accepted in Northeast Asia. With reference to Shanghai Port New Area, focusing on such fields as investment freedom, trade freedom, capital freedom, transportation freedom, personnel employment freedom, etc., and exploring the opening policies and systems with international competitiveness, so as to better serve the strategic layout of revitalization of the northeast and opening of the Northeast Asia and set up a gateway for the north of China to open to the outside world.