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To Promote the Opening of the Service Industry, Dalian Free Trade Area has Launched 10 Measures!
        As the largest industry in Chinese economy and main power for economic growth, the service industry is of utmost importance in driving and developing regional economy. Recently, Dalian Free Trade Area has launched 10 measures to promote the opening of the service industry, pressing the “accelerating key” for the opening of the service industry. 
        1. Setting up the policy supporting system to promote the service trade industry. 
        Main measures include the followings: preparing the Service Trade Promotion Guidance Catalog; establishing the service platform for business solicitation of the service industry; setting up special industrial funds; promulgating special policies to promote the opening the service industry.  
        2. Promoting the integration and development of manufacture industry and service industry
        Main measures include the followings: agglomeration of projects that support the production service industry; utilizing advanced service elements to improve the abilities of research and development, marketing and brand construction in the manufacture industry, etc. 
        3. Promoting the opening of the financial industry 
        Main measures include the followings: encouraging foreign investors to take part in the setup of industrial (entrepreneurship) investment funds in the form of limited partnership; accelerating the construction of spot market for bulk commodities, and promoting the combined development of spot market and future market, etc. 
        4. Erecting comprehensive supply center for international ships
        Main measures include the followings: planning and constructing the (special) oil supply anchorage of comprehensive supply center for international ships; generalizing new regulation mode; improving the service level of the International Seamen Service Base, etc.
        5. Establishing the cultural and technological achievements transaction center 
        Main measures include the followings: forming internationalized creative fair by relying on Beifang National Copyright Transaction Center to create the complete industrial chain of the cultural and creative industry; promoting the opening of the publishing industry; setting up an international cultural and artistic work exchange site by relying on the special area supervised by the customs. 
        6. Creating medical and health industry cluster 
        Main measures include the followings: constructing high-end medical service and precise medical industry ecology; utilizing the medical apparatus and appliance registrant system to promote the development of “registration + production” transregional industrial chain; Depending on Xiaoyaowan Vitup Health Town to construct international hospital and high-end health base, etc.  
        7. Opening of the tourist industry 
        Main measures include the followings: setting up commercial street and commercial circles with characteristics by using internationalized elements; introducing foreign catering and beverage projects with features, making use of the port advantages to establish duty-free shops of imported goods, etc. 
        8. Supporting the healthy and sustained development of the exhibition industry 
        Main measures include the followings: holding Chinese, Japanese and Korean trade and investment exhibitions; expanding the importation of characteristic and top quality consumption goods from Japan and Korea; holding international advanced equipment and second-hand equipment bonded exhibition and fair, etc. in the International Equipment Exhibition Center.  
        9. Constructing the International Dispute Settlement Center in Northeast Asia
        Main measures include the followings: promoting the setup of Northeast Asia International Commercial Arbitration Board and Northeast Asia International Arbitration Center; deeply exploring tolerant and prudent regulation, researching and issuing the penalty exemption list for acts that slightly violate laws and rules, etc. on the market.   
        10. Setting up talent service highland 
        Main measures include the followings: setting up talent information center in the north of China; strengthening the incentive and rewarding policies for high-end talents; simplifying the formalities for high-end talents in foreign countries to work in China, providing convenience for foreign talents to process the work permits, etc. 
        These measures are bound to further accelerate the construction pace of the pilot free trade zone, improve the development level of the service industry, and deeply integrate the opening and cooperation of the northeast Asia region, thus becoming new engine for the economic growth in Dalian Free Trade Area.